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Yes Virginia There Is A Nibiru

Planet X, Nibiru, – Christmas Episode

what is your weather man clueless about?  But, since you are scientifically literate, this is for you:

The IRAS satellite made 2 observations of Planet X, six months apart, for measurement of distance by parallax. That was in 1983. It was published in the newspapers at the time.

Why was this information retracted, withdrawn, hidden? Because:

At the end of the last Ice Age, The large animals, including the mammoths, in eastern Siberia, froze so fast, the food in their stomachs didn’t have time to rot. And the ground under their feet froze. And, it STAYED FROZEN, for the last 11,000-12,000 years, while the ice sheet on North America melted.

When our solar system is disrupted by Planet X, the Earth gets tilted.

And that is what The Powers That Be don’t want people to know. That is why the observations of the IRAS satellite, of Planet X, were retracted. And why a small army of astrono mers have died violently or suddenly in the intervening decades.

And why we have a near-infrared South Pole Telescope, in addition to other instruments and satellites. And why the Vatican has a near-infrared LUCIFER instrument on Mt. Graham,
in Arizona.

And here is why it happens, for the scientifically literate:

The idea that the axis cannot tilt suddenly is based on a misunderstanding.

It depends on the idea that the Earth is a 3-dimensional sphere, and solid, and spinning on an axis that is a 2-dimensional line.

Under those conditions, the Earth’s axis would be prevented from tilting, by the inertia of the spin. The Earth would tear itself apart.

But look: an object of n dimensions is bounded by surfaces that have n minus 1 dimensions.

(example, a 3 dimensional cube has surfaces that are 2 dimensional planes)

If we lived on a 3 dimensional sphere, we could go east, west, north, south, but not up or down. There would be no ocean trenches or mountain peaks or waves on the ocean.

The Earth is 4-dimensional, because it has a 3-dimensional surface. We know the Earth is hollow, because pressure waves from quakes and nuclear bombs don’t pass through the core.

The core doesn’t conduct P waves, because the core is not there.

Also, we know that gravity does not converge. When cables are dangled down a deep shaft, they don’t get closer together at the bottom. That was the Tamarack Mine Experiment.

Anyway, now, the axis of rotation — look at a HURRICANE. Where is the axis of rotation?
It is not a line. It is a CYLINDER. That’s why a hurricane has an EYE.

There is nothing happening in the center of the hurricane; the winds are circling around a 3 dimensional axis.

The Earth has a 3 dimensional axis, too. And the only thing that keeps US from wobbling and rolling about all the time is, the Moon. Earth and Moon orbit their common center of mass (which is beneath the surface of the Earth.)

And that spin tends to stabilize us. But, as the Egyptians told Herodotus, and as he faithfully recorded, the “sun’s path across the sky” has changed, in the past.

(They told Herodotus it had changed 4 times, and that the Sun had risen in the West, in the past. Meaning, the Earth was “upside-down” in those days.)

And, the Chinese Kun Kun creation myth involves the Earth tilting, relative to the stars.
The Chinese had some memory of that happening, you see.

And when our solar system is disrupted by Planet X, our axis does shift. The ENTIRE EARTH tilts, a little bit or a lot.

We see craters produced by electric arcs, on the Moon (and one in the Yucatan.)
These are the “flat” shallow craters, actually convex.

We see Copper Canyon in Mexico. The terrain was already mountainous, when 4,000 cubic miles of material disappeared. Mount ains were cut in half, leaving cliffs on the inside.
Water erosion doesn’t do that. And where is the sediment? Where is the Grand Canyon’s thousand cubic miles of sediment?

Thermo-electric cooling accounts for this. Current through the plasma, between a hot body and a cooler body. Heat is exchanged in the form of electricity.

Our weather may very well be influenced by changes in the magnetic poles, or by changes in the electrical currents that flow through the plasma around us. Electricity flows down to the ground, constantly. And, there’s a case to be made that tornadoes are electrical discharge phenomena.

The only people surprised by changes in the magnetic poles, are people who imagine the Earth generates its own magnetic field. Somehow. Even though the interior is hotter than the Curie points of the metals involved.

Molten metals, well HOT metals, cannot maintain a magnetic polarity on their own. It takes an extern al magnetic field, or an electrical current, to magnetize them.

Once you realize the magnetism is generated by electrical currents flowing through the plasma around us, it’s easy to understand.

Bottom line, our weather and climate may well be affected by changes in the electricity flowing through the plasma around us. And, there are changes happening. The heliosphere shrunk, the solar wind diminished, the magnetic poles of the Sun and Earth are moving. And Planet X and the next axis shift will change our climates drastically.

I want to thank LifeIs For this wonderful analogy. Nemaste!!!!

Published on Dec 25, 2013

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