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Puerto Rico Meteor Impact Doomsday Area Not Looking Good Strange Coincidences

Is a possible Meteor impact in Puerto Rico the reason for the FEMA preparations?
The solar storm coming is far more worrisome than the meteor. Scary part is, science can’t predict the scope of a sunspot blast, only that they’re capable of flash frying us in the flick of a lizard’s tongue at any time with or without warning. Imagine all Earth’s nuclear bombs exploding at once, then multiply that by a million. Solar storms are stronger still. Even on a calm day the sun releases 100 billion tons of dynamite’s worth of energy per second.

A sun spot explosion is essentially a sun volcano. An Earth volcano erupting is to the status quo here what a sunspot erupting is to the status quo on the sun. In other words, a cause for alarm is quite just.

The truly terrific aspect of a sunspot explosion is that by the time we could gauge its strength there wouldn’t be time to take cover if the flare was survivable. We’d have more warning at night because the moon would exhibit an abnormal glow, but sunlight takes 8+ minutes to reach us, leaving little time to prepare. In cases of catastrophic flares, no bunker or cave would be safe, however deep. It would just mean boiling to death instead of frying, or freezing later on.

As for this meteor, impact would leave around a mile-wide crater devastating anything within a 50 mile radius. If it broke up into pieces before hitting, it could potentially destroy everything inside a 500 square mile area. Nasty to be sure, but nothing compared to an awesome solar flare.

Published on Jan 4, 2014

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