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       According to recently published reports, There’s a lot of strife surrounding the subject of fracking. While some people are upset and ready to fight against it, others see it as the key to energy independence. So what the frack? What the hell is fracking in the first place and why does it have the world chooseing sides?

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking for short) is the method of extracting natural gas from ancient bedrock. Natural gas is thought to be a “cleaner” alternative to coal as it emits less greenhouse gases when burned. Fracking is not a new practice, but achieved popularity in the past decade as a reasonable source of energy to get the United States off foreign oil.

The process of fracking involves pumping millions of gallons of water, sand, and chemicals deep into the ground to create fissures in the bedrock. These fissures allow natural gases to escape from their ancient trappings where they are collected to generate energy.

While an alternative to coal is a good thing, natural gas is not by any means carbon-neutral. There are also many environmental hazards associated with fracking. The bottom line is, scientists and geologists alike are still unsure of all the potential consequences fracking may cause, but the things we do know are not all too promising. Here are just five of many downsides to fracking.

Published on Jan 21, 2014

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