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Today when we analyze this subject in detail and try to unravel all the knots around this area of study, and attempt to identify one by one the misinformation and disinformation we might end up one step ahead of these mainstream conventional scientists who are only picked by the media and all governments for their current stance on certain theories and understanding of those theories. These scientists are only then allowed to tap in to the public research funding to continue proving the false or incomplete theories which then finally somehow is proven right without the proper evidence. On some disputed universal phenomenon where the evidence is convincing and right when you are about to get a little clearer picture things get very blurry, very fast; especially when it is portrayed with multiple dimensions of possibility, and the mystery now becomes even more mysterious. It is my attempt today to keep our subject matter very simple, but cannot make it any simpler.

A scientist or a group of scientists come up with an interesting tale and take us down ONLY through ONE road from a multi road intersection (with multiple possibilities) and then present to us different possibilities only within that one framework of reference (basically show us all the other roads that now split off of this ONE road that the scientists chose to take from the multiple choices we had initially); which could have been the wrong theory/possibility to have divulged in to begin with. Since not all sources of knowledge were consulted, for example, the Biblical texts written over 1700 years ago, the Greek, the roman and the Babylonian era texts, the Sumerians, the Egyptians, and especially the one text which over billion and a half people claim to be unchanged for the last 1400 years which has stood the test of time brilliantly, unmatched and is keeping up with the current modern technological revolution, the Holy Quran. For example, Quran is the book that talks about all the celestial bodies being in orbits; only a few decades ago scientists have found out that the sun has an orbit as well. Quran details out the process of what takes place in the mother’s womb down to the nitty gritty. It was only in the 20th century that the Canadian doctor found those details using modern advanced equipment, only to find that the details of the process laid out in the Quran actually were more accurate than his own research findings, and helped him fine tune his own research. Quran tells us that the universe is expanding, and today using the modern space technology we have proved that this claim is true. The Quran tells us that moon just reflects light, and the sun has its own light 14 centuries ago. There are over a 1000 verses of the Quran that talk about universal phenomenon which science is only catching up to in today’s world.

 Published on Jan 24, 2014

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Published on Jan 24, 2014


I want to personally thank muslim american ( name unknown ) for presenting me with source material which I have explicit permission to use and share with you. Without that this article may not have been as informative as I would have liked it to have been.


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