Here's What The Commie Gun Grabbers Are Openly Saying 12/24/2014 (Video)

The wise people are in the sticks with plans to make sure that their guns are nowhere to be found if Uncle Scam and Uncle Saul come looking to take their firearms. And they know that the cities are a tinderbox with the tension between cops and our “Youths”, which…leads one to believe that all of the firepower purchased with constituency dollars will be used against the constituency, while somewhere well away from the cities, the “prepper” is waiting because he/she is not going to waste precious ammo on city issues. Enjoy!!!
Someone needs to tell these “witches” that the seat belt laws (is illegal), isn’t in the US Constitution, as well as it is number two on the list for a reason, because of people like them. You can see the goal now clearly, smoking laws, seat belt laws. (other laws) and now the lands second law, they are fiercely attacking. Time to wake up!!!

The grabbers   <- new buzz word for these people, just call them ‘The Grabbers’. Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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