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Antarctica Nazi Underground Base Found On Google Earth In New Swabia!

Written by JayWill7497

Appear to be entry ways to large (at least 100ft wide) underground conduit for flying machines due to lack of snowpack disturbance on the ground in front of the opening.

Some lost history suggests a ‘Base 211’ Underground Complex that is still there to this very day.

30 miles wide.

If the Nazi bases still exist in Antarctica then they would no doubt still have secret contact with the Bavarian cults which sponsored and were an integral part of the Nazi party, like the Bavarian THULE society for instance.
As for Neu Schwabenland, (New Swaben) the construction and secret projects in Antarctica continued, throughout the entire course of the war.

Just before the end of the WWII, two German provision U-boats, U-530 and U-977, were launched from a port on the Baltic Sea.

Reportedly they took with them members of the antigravity-disk research and development teams [ULTRA], and the LAST of the most vital disc components [much of this technology and hardware had been transported to the base during the course of the war].

This included the notes and drawings for the latest saucer or
aerial disk designs, and designs for the gigantic underground complexes and living accommodations based on the remarkable underground factories of Nordhausen in the Harz Mountains. The two U-boats duly reached the new land of Neu-Schwabenland where they unloaded everything.

When they arrived in Argentina several months later, their crews were captured. It seems as if they were either counting on the formerly German-friendly Argentinians to allow them access, or it could have been that they intentionally allowed themselves to be discovered for misinformation purposes, i.e… “yes… we… are the last two renegade German subs. We’ve been trying to hold out but…oops, you caught us… the wars finally over!”

The crews of these U-Boats were of course interrogated by U.S. Intelligence agents who had suspected the existence of the Antarctic base.
Whatever the Nazi sailors tried to tell them, apparently the Americans were not convinced.

The actual beginnings of German interest in the polar regions may date back BEFORE the earliest U.S. Navy polar expeditions. For instance one segment of NOVA related that the remains of Capt. Charles Hall of the ill-fated POLARIS expedition, one of the first American ventures to the North Pole, were discovered in an ice grave by a subsequent polar expedition. (Source the Great Capt. EJ O’Reilly)

More history here
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