Order Out Of Chaos: The Symbols Are Telling You Something!!

Written by JayWill7497

On the eve of September 11th 2014 President Obama declared war against CIA funded ISIS!

This is yet another step towards the Establishment of The Anti-Christ New World Order.

The Illuminati use a method called “Order out of Chaos”!

They will create chaos ( a problem) , offer a solution and then achieve a new order out of that created chaos.

In this case the chaos or problem was the creation and funding of the ISIS terrorist group, the solution to this created problem is war against the boogeyman so that a new military order can be achieved!

Be vigilant and don’t be fooled by Illuminati order out of chaos!

of course there is a main cabal behind this group….but the thing about the great game (military intelligence) is they all manage to infiltrate each others organisations…….so in essence…..yes the CIA are the main players…..but Isis also has been created and manipulated by all the rest….MI6…. Mossad …turkish…iranian…qatari..saudi..french… german..russian..chinese….etc etc..intelligence…


And I have th distinct feeling that “ex” RAF officer Haines was in actual act an MI6 agent feeding back intelligence about what was happening on the ground and “taking the temperature” of the local tribes… militias etc…..the idea being to win “hearts and minds” …and I suspect that one of these other intelligence players (states) “fingered” him (Haines) to such and such a group or person and the rest as they say is a “wet disposal”……

And if you look closely at the pictures of him that the BBC have been posting on the news…you will notice that he is dressed in traditional scottish attire (kilt)…..reason being is that someone wants all those pissed off scots who are thinking of breaking away…to think….”hey he was not just a great humanitarian but also a scot and a Great Briton…so I’m going to vote to keep the union”

Then again I might wrong…after all ….no such thing as a conspiracy …everyone tells the truth all the time…especially military intelligence……

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