“They Shot Right Into The Crowd, Shouting Allah Akbar “ Hollande Holds Islamic State Responsible For ‘Act Of War’

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The front page of L'Equipe

“They shot right into the masses, screaming Allah Akbar “ (“God is greatest”), a witness described following the attack on the concert hall.

The Daily Telegraph

“Some guys arrived, they started shooting near the entrance,” he stated. “They shot right into the crowd, shouting Allah Akbar, with shotguns I think (…) I could hear them reloading. The concert ceased, everyone was scattered on the ground, they continued to shoot at folks, it’s hell,” he was shackled, his voice broken by sobs.

The New York Times

“I grabbed my mum, we lay on the ground,” another witness stated. “We fled through an emergency exit, still hearing shots, it shook us completely. It is a nightmare,” added the witness, who mentioned he had observed the attackers as “silhouettes when they started firing the first shots. “

Le Figaro

“My sister is in the Bataclan,” said Camille, 25 years old. “I called her. She explained they were shooting. And then she hung up.”

The Indepenent

Daniel Psenny, a journalist with Le Monde newspaper, lives behind Le Bataclan and was wounded by a bullet in the arm. He claims he saw the drama unfold from his window and went out into the street to assist.


“I opened the door of the building,” he stated. “There was a man lying on the pavement. With another man I’ve not seen since, we pulled him into the hall for shelter. I must have been hit by the bullet at that moment…. I remember feeling what felt like a firecracker explode against my left arm, and I saw it was pouring blood. I think the gunman was at the window of the Bataclan. We went to a couple of neighbours who live on the fourth floor. The guy we had taken in had a bullet in his leg. He’s an American. He was vomiting, he was cold, we thought he was going to die. We called the fire service, but they couldn’t evacuate us. I called a friend who’s a doctor, she explained how to make a tourniquet with my shirt. So we remained stuck there until the assault took place and the special forces came to look for us.”

The Sun

Another event took place in Rue Bichat, in a restaurant, Le Petit Cambodia: “It was surreal, everyone was on the floor, no one moved,” another witness explained.

El Tiempo

“It was very quiet, people did not understand what was going on. A girl was carried by a young man in his arms. She looked dead.”

The Washington Post

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