Astronomers Found Planet X. Again.

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Why is it constantly planet “X”? Why not planet Y or Z? Might not the future discovery be planet XX or XXX?

Hmm… I believe I get why people are troubled about looking for planet X.

We are hunting for a space girlfriend planet or boyfriend, space mate: its a hunt for the other… special planet you marry and commence to have many moons together.

It begins with a heap of colors and sounds and Some would also explain this as the beginning of the end, a.k.a. doomsday. Are we hunting for an X or a planet? perhaps we like to make-believe we are pirates and take pleasure in hunting for treasure, “argh there she be, X marks me planet”

As above so below, if the hunt centers around an X, maybe there’s a small X we need to look at. I’m pondering about chromosomes. They appear like X and might hold the ancient secret for humans to discover super powers… We can become Xpeople (Xmen). Then earth becomes planet X or Xplanet. BOOM!!!!!


Scott Sheppard and Chadwick Trujillo have discovered another Planet X aka new Kuiper Belt Object. & this story is really weird. For example, they haven’t determined its orbit & won’t know its orbit until next year. So we might have to wait until 2016 to find out how close & far it gets to Earth.
I’ve never heard them announce a comet or planet or asteroid or anything without announcing its orbit.

Strange days, indeed.

Maybe this guy might find something…



Or maybe these folks…







Katy Perry ad… yes, that IS a very baaaad sign, indeed.  But this theory plays into the unknown thing that’s knocking things out of the Kuiper belt, which they (NASA) couldn’t really explain before.


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