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Special Report: 8 Syrians Captured At Texas Boundary In Lardeo

Written by JayWill7497

Border Patrol Agent on Border


Two federal specialists functioning under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are saying that eight Syrian illegal aliens tried to enter Texas from Mexico in the Laredo Sector. The federal specialists talked with alternative news media on the condition of anonymity, nevertheless, a local president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) verified that Laredo Border Patrol specialists have been officially communicating with the organization with issues over information from other federal agents about Syrians illegally getting into the country in the Laredo Sector. The information has triggered a stir among the sector’s Border Patrol agents.
The sources said that eight Syrians were apprehended on Monday, November 16, 2015. As outlined by the sources, the Syrians were in two separate “family units” and were caught at the Juarez Lincoln Bridge in Laredo, Texas, also recognized officially as Port of Entry 1.

Border Patrol agent and NBPC Local 2455 President Hector Garza told media, “Border Patrol agents who we represent have been contacting our organization to voice concerns about reports from other agents that Syrians crossed the U.S. border from Mexico in the Laredo Sector. Our agents have heard about Syrians being apprehended in the area from other federal agents.” Agent Garza included, “At this time, I cannot confirm or deny that Syrians have crossed, for security reasons.”

Agent Garza additionally said that in matters as sensitive as Syrians crossing the border from Mexico, it would be extremely less likely that federal agencies would publicize it or notify a extended group of law enforcement. He did point out that Local 2455 is taking the information seriously and that they “will be issuing an officer safety bulletin advising Border Patrol agents to exercise extra precautions as they patrol the border.”

Fusion Laced can verify that a Syrian did try to get into the U.S. illegally through Texas in late September. The Syrian was captured utilizing a passport that belonged to someone else and U.S. authorities opted against prosecuting anyone involved because of “circumstances.”

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