Lefkáda Beach In Greece Destroyed By Earthquake! Must See!

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The instant that one of the planet’s most beautiful beaches was demolished this week was caught on camera.
A strong earthquake, which was marked as 6.1 on the Richter Scale, helped bring surrounding cliffs down onto the Egremni Beach in Lefkada on Tuesday.
Australian tourist Thomas Verykios caught the moment that the earthquake triggered a massive landslide above the once white-sanded, pristine beach. Aerial footage taken afterwards revealed huge piles of earth covering the sand.

Egremni, which is rated number one on TripAdvisor’s places to visit in Lefkada list, was one of Greece’s most famous tourist destinations – regardless of its remote location.
Speaking on the footage, which nas been posted to Facebook, Verykios can be heard speaking to another man about the catastrophe as the dust spreads from the former beach and over the ocean.

He says: ‘It’s unbelievable mate.
‘Look at it [the dust], it is going all the way down to the town. Look at all the dust coming out there.
‘It was an unbelievable feeling in your feet. Could you feel it [the earthquake] under the boat?’

Speaking to various media, he says: ‘The beaches at this current point in time are in bad shape.
‘I was shocked at what I was seeing and at the same time I watched spectacular phenomenon occur right before my eyes.
‘Lefkada is a beautiful island and a strong island, I feel that the community will come together and will be ready to show its beauty once more come next tourist season.’
Aerial pictures of the disaster was taken afterwards by Eurokinissi TV. It revealed that reestablishing the beach to its former glory will be a titanic task.
Harrowing pictures surfaced earlier this week of high rise buildings in Ioannina, Greece, swaying precariously during the earthquake which also killed at least two people.

The quake was experienced across much of western Greece, with folks on the island of Lefkada and the nearby Ionian Sea island of Kefalonia rushing out onto the streets.

The fire department sent crews to Lefkada to evaluate the circumstances and help clean-up endeavours

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