News Flash: Interesting Light Formation Seems To ‘Cloak” Over Pacific Ocean Unknown

Written by JayWill7497

This is very unusual and am not sure even how to describe this. I am going to let you decide.

Appeared in the loop of Nov 17th, only that loop, no others.

The title is just what it reminds me of, an unknown light structure appearing then disappearing.

I’ve seen a few thousand of these loops over the years and not anything even remotely close this.

The area is over the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the United States, where the US Navy implemented a ‘no fly zone’ because of some kind of ‘training’ out in this area recently.


I currently possess over five dozen screen shots of this phenomena on All Sky Cam network.

I attribute this to the fast approaching Planet XNibiru complex. I would suppose it’s aspect of the cloud ( red iron oxide) like debris field related with it.


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