It’s All Good Until The Bombs Begin To Explode

Written by JayWill7497

A month ago, French President Francois Hollande made fun of the concept that the huge numbers of Muslim migrants entering his country were any sort of threat.

“Those who argue that we are being invaded are manipulators and falsifiers, who do this only for political reasons, to scare,” the left-wing politician expressed.

After which the pudgy little Socialist had to be swiftly removed from France’s national soccer stadium after one of those refugees blew himself up attempting to get through to Monsieur le Président, and Merkel’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Minister Steinmeier had urged rejecting “barriers, fences” when it came to the Muslim migrants, but it was a barrier and the security in front of it that kept one of his precious refugees from getting him.

The everyday folks who did not have and do not have the security measures that secure Hollande and Steinemeier died in Paris, blown up and gunned down where they sat, lay and stood.

Hollande’s unsupported claims is recognizable. You can hear it from Obama. You can catch it on the Nazi news. We have absolutely nothing to worry about. At least not until the bombs start going off. There will be a multi-layered vetting procedure. The same system that let in all the terrorists before would not let us down now now would it?

At the very least not until it does.

Everything’s good until the bombs go off. Then we are told not to be concerned about it because there is no way it could likely occur just as before. Not with this new hashtag our cleverest brains have cooked up. And then we can let 10,000 likely terrorists into the country while dismissing all the “falsifiers” warning of an “invasion.”


It worked well for France. It will work for us.

Vetting for Syrian migrants works as well in the actual world as it does for left-wing politicians.

In Greece, overburdened local authorities do not care. New migrants are permitted to fill out their own paperwork and are handed letters of transportation that permit them entry to Europe. An employee at a local registration center was quoted as stating, “We just have to trust what they write down.”

And then the Nazi news media contends that we have to have confidence in what they write down about the refugees. Even the lies.

In September, at a joint press conference with Secretary of State John Kerry, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier had called taking in migrants a “moral duty” and pressed Americans to “increase the numbers you can take into your country”.

Currently Germany is hunting for its own connections to the Paris attacks. A few days earlier, Steinemeier had braged that Germans were bending over backwards for the refugees and verifying that, “Germany belongs not to the screamers and hatemongers.” But the terror cells of Hamburg may perhaps disagree.

But do not think that Hollande or Steinmeier learned any lessons from the most recent Muslim massacre.

In September, France’s President Hollande told the French that he had data that attacks against France had been prepared from Syria and that preparation for future air strikes against ISIS would commence.

In that same speech, he declared that France would be taking in 24,000 migrants.

Hollande understood in advance that this tragedy was forthcoming. He even geared up the reaction to it at the same time as he was enticing some of the likely perpetrators into his country.

It would not be too astonishing if he even had a speech pre-written and all set to go for just such an attack.

Even as Hollande was denouncing “manipulators and falsifiers” for trying to “scare” the French, he had a excellent concept of just how much there was to be afraid of.

The President of France had looked his nation in the eye and LIED to them about the invasion.

Monsieur le Président perhaps did not anticipate to be this close to the killing when it took place. Neither did Foreign Minister Steinmeier. It may be the Jews and Poles in Marseille or the folks in Calais who actually are a little too close to the New Jungle camp that were intended to be the sacrifices of their compassion.

Sadly for Hollande and Steinmeier, the Islamic State did not get that memo. Regrettably for us, their only real reaction to the crisis they brought about will be to attempt to globalize it a step further.

In the past Hollande and Merkel were stressing a “permanent mandatory system” for redistributing Muslim migrants across Europe. Germany and France flipped the Muslim migrant crisis into a European problem. Now they choose to replicate the butchery in Paris around the world.

G20 named the migrant crisis a global issue and is trying the world to solve it.

Greece does not necessarily have the money, resources or infrastructure to monitor the migrant horde. Frontex is undermanned and its employees, in European fashion, operate until 4 PM, at which point the refugees just come up with whatever they prefer and get handed letters of passage by Greek officials that want them vanished.

The Balkan countries are not much better equipped to handle the invasion than Greece. And the European countries that truly want the migrants are not serious in checking their papers, but in signing them up for as many social services as they can.

That is not just true of Europe. It is equally true of the United States.

Any talk of vetting is simply plausible deniability. Unless a terrorist is actually in our database, vetting him is a misplaced reason. Our system could not manage the World Trade Center bombers or the 9/11 hijackers and they came from working countries that weren’t in the middle of a civil war.

We are not going to have the option to vet tens of thousands of individuals who assert they come from Syria, who have bogus passports or who beg that they lost their passports at sea, whose names can be taken in enough ways to give even a linguist a headache and who will get entry to the United States long enough for them to vanish even if we did at some point turn up something on them.

And we are not expected to vet them.

In spite of the unsupported claims, France and Germany are less serious in fighting ISIS than in getting the United States and the rest of the world to take more Muslim migrants. Instead of having ISIS in every city in Europe, they appear motivated to make sure that it is in every city in the world on the other hand.

ISIS may have executed the brutal massacres in Paris, but Hollande, Merkel and the additional buddies of the refugees helped make it come about. And they want to help make it happen around the world.


The migrant crisis is an invasion. The bodies in Paris could just as conveniently have been stacked up in any country that was foolish and feckless enough to open the entrance to ISIS by taking in “refugees”.

If Obama and Kerry work in their approach to bring tens of thousands of Syrian migrants to America, the subsequent brutal massacre might not take place in Paris. It could possibly take place in one of our cities on the other hand.

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