Drone Whistleblowers Lose Access to Bank Accounts, MSM Refuses to Talk About It

Written by JayWill7497

Has the U.S. drone war “fueled the feelings of hatred that ignited terrorism and groups like ISIS”?

That’s the conclusion of four former Air Force service members who are speaking out together for the first time.

They’ve issued a letter to President Obama warning the U.S. drone program is one of the most devastating driving forces for terrorism.

They accuse the administration of lying about the effectiveness of the drone program, saying it is good at killing people—just not the right ones.

The four drone war veterans risk prosecution by an administration that has been unprecedented in its targeting of government whistleblowers.

In a Democracy Now! exclusive, they join us in their first extended broadcast interview.


The Entire U.S. Federal Government needs to be ripped down and exchanged with people who believe that serving in a Political Position is a Privilege!!

People who shouldn’t need to be paid, who will kick out Lobbyist Groups with the exception of those such as AARP, Gun Rights Lobby (not Anti-Gun Lobbyists), Veterans Groups, etc…
They all ought to be housed in a Government Dormitory with a cafeteria, and if the Politician declines to stay in the Dormitory or eat at the Public paid for Cafeteria (which doesn’t serve Steak, Lobster, Crab Legs, Caviar…you know the regular food that lower Middle Class people can afford to eat), then it comes out of their own Pocket!!

Ethics is a MUST, and anyone breaking the Ethics needs to be eliminated immediately!! No Corporate Hand outs!! No Bank “Bail Outs” (or legislation for “Bail Ins”!!). No Foreign Aid to Countries that don’t stop their own Citizens from Illegally Entering the U.S.! The U.S. Citizens MUST come primary, before even considering giving Grants to Multi-National Corporations!! Return to a Gold Standard, which keeps the National Debt in check!!

These are just a few things that need to be accomplished, and the U.S. Federal Government (all 3 Branches) MUST Follow the U.S. Constitution (or be able to be recalled and replaced by the Citizens of their respective States), and stick to ONLY those Powers granted to the Federal Government through the U.S. Constitutions Enumerated Powers!!…

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