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2nd Sun Wormwood Planet Of The Passing | Chem-trails, Figures

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From Angels alternative surveillance resource network, you are about to view a true story, recorded recently, documenting facts of Nibiru, Planet X,  Wormwood.

This story is both dedicated to the faithful and presented to the false hearted to encourage their research of truth and current events in the world in which we live today.

From the city of Gainesville Florida, Live in the heart of gator country, near the Gulf of Mexico, 50 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean, Good evening, Good morning, wherever you may be, across the USA or around the globe.

Today is Thursday 12/17/2015 and the time is 7:49 am est., I am Angel Mer Chalk and Welcome!

Alot is  going on so let us begin. Coming directly from youtube. Evidence is presented that Nibiru Planet X Wormwood may very well be near.

It has been stated “There are 3 planets that appear to be passing.” “I filmed this Nov.20, 2014. One to two planets of the Nibiru system passing by the 2nd Sun.”

“ This is planet X of the passing, known as the Destroyer coming in with a lot of debris, at least 7-14 other planets, an iron system, with a huge red planet known as Hercolubus 100% magnetic pull will cause a pole shift, same as 26,000 years prior.

This system comes in every 3600 years but this time they say it will be much worse.”

Also within these photos are cloaked triangular drones, black, within those chemical skies, fake NASA clouds (not federal–private elite owned), same ones who own the federal reserve wall street, JPMorgan / House of Rothschild.

The U S is a military third-tier for brutal depopulation; 2nd is the Vatican UK (MI5/6) in charge of world religions, 3rd is the Queen a farce set-up for House of Rothschild.

Many making big money torturing people all of the US and abroad.

They came-out from underground in these final years pre-911.

This is end times.The meek shall inherit the earth. Remember that.

Planet X with a Brown Dwarf Star, a distant, unseen binary companion of our Sun several times larger than the Planet Jupiter, with a planetary system of its own.

Whereas, I suggest that Planet X is accompanied by an “entourage” or “host” of planetoids and moonlets.These bodies, seven in all, orbit the Dark Star. Enjoy!

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