ISIS Militants Produced ‘Dirty Bomb’

ISIS Militants Claim They Have Produced ‘Dirty Bomb’

This is from the Social Spiritual Racial’s alternative surveillance resource network, you are about to view a true story, recorded in November, 2013.

Here are documented facts of ISIS Militants Claiming They Have Produced a ‘Dirty Bomb’.

This story is both dedicated to the faithful and presented to the false hearted to encourage their research of truth and current events in the world in which we live today.



Here is the evidence that ISIS Militants claim that they have produced a ‘Dirty Bomb’ .

ISIS used  stolen radioactive uranium. The Harvest Army stated ,“This is only precursor. A more dramatic world shock is ahead.”

A Popular Christian website, reported; Islamic State militants are claiming that they have built a “dirty bomb” with radioactive uranium that was reportedly stolen from Mosul University after ISIS seized the city of Mosul in June,2013.

Four months after 40 kilograms of uranium was reported as missing from the university.

Several ISIS militants have taken to social media to purport that they have used the missing uranium to build a “dirty bomb”.

In which is a special improvised explosive device consisting of radioactive nuclear waste and conventional explosives, designed to spread hazardous radioactive material over a wide ranging area.

The  “dirty bomb”  represented the first “weapon of mass disruption” controlled by the Islamic State also weighed in byreporting.



The Islamic State terror group developed a nuclear device by using radioactive uranium stolen from Iraq’s Mosul University after seizing control of the city last June, according to a British media report.

The Militants boasted of the device on social media., in the Mirror newspaper . also  said: One of the extremists made  online threats to the west is British explosives expert Hamayun Tariq, who fled his home in the UK for the Middle East in 2012.

Using the alias, Muslim-al-Britani, he tweeted, “O by the way, Islamic State does have a dirty bomb. We found some radioactive material from Mosul University.”

Muslim-al-Britani  wrote: “We’ll find out what dirty bombs are and what they do. We’ll also discuss what might happen if one actually went off in a public area.”

Well here we are in 2015, was ISIS created by President Obama to distory America, or just for political attention?

Trying to create “The New World Order.



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