Strange Mutated Mountain Lion with Teeth Growing On Top Of It’s Head Discovered In Idaho

It’s difficult to observe the media downplay all these strange animal events as if they just have no concept whatsoever that we are under continual assault by ever-increasing radiation in our environment.

Last month a hunter’s dog was attacked by a mountain lion that had a set of teeth actually growing out of the top of its head.


Mountain lion is found with a second set of TEETH growing out of its FOREHEAD in Idaho

The Nazi news media reported on it as if it just has folks “scratching their heads” as to what could potentially bring about such a deformity, like these deformities are not popping up more and more these days and particularly in the western half of the U.S.

“It has all of us scratching our heads,” biologist Zack Lockyear explained to the State Journal. “It’s a bizarre situation and a bizarre photo.”

Sure, what could potentially be triggering such weird deformities? Stock at Nuke Pro suggested that the State Journal, the same outlet in Idaho that first reported on the mutated lion, was at the same time discussing sending even more radioactive materials to the Idaho National Lab for “vital spent fuel research” – in spite of a 1995 agreement attained to stop adding more spent fuels to the facility because it was contaminating water aquifers there.

No one denies that safety is primary, but INL is Idaho’s fifth largest private employer with some 3,900 employees earning an average salary of $88,635, according to Peters. Let’s get it right.

Sure. Disregaurd safety. Let’s get it right by sending more hazardous, aquifer-contaminating radioactive substances to Idaho! Because jobs.“Spent nuclear fuel is the most dirty, most dangerous byproduct of the nuclear energy process. They would like more of it. Damn the lions, we require jobs!,” Stock published.

The lion and the lab were strangely enough situated in the same area of Idaho, by the way.

As if Fukushima’s continued silent but deadly assault was not bad enough.

But governments and corporations just keep upping the ante and downplaying the hazard each time a new report comes out like this with the news media in tow, dutifully behaving surprised again and again at all the mass animal die-offs and weird mutations that keep popping up everywhere.

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