Quake Probable: San Andreas Just Produced Enormous Amounts Of Carbon Monoxide And Other Deadly Gases Into The Air

Incredibly high levels of CO produced as fault pressure develops, earthquake expected, Maybe?



Extensive Fault Fracture in California is REAL.

On Thursday, Feb. 25, between 4 and 6 p.m., there occurred a major rupture in the San Andreas Fault which produced a massive amount of toxic carbon monoxide (CO) and other gases, like sulfur dioxide, into the atmosphere that spread all along the West Coast, from California to Canada, as outlined by Climate Science Educator Paul Beckwith, University of Ottawa.

Beckwith thinks the release could play a role to a rather substantial earthquake in the near future after “CO emitted in India” nine-years ago “preceded a 7.4 earthquake by one week.”

Beckwith additionally talked about how the USGS and media have been quiet.

Moreover Beckwith is convinced people could be getting poisoned from the gaseous release.

Beckwith stated, “The levels are high as 40,000 parts per [billion].”

View the release live in realtime here.




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