New Study Shows The Smell Of Alcohol Is Irresistable

The small study in London suggests smell is part of why alcoholics have difficulty abstaining.


Researchers said it appeared participants inhaling alcohol had less control over their actions during the study. Photo by Igor Normann/Shutterstock


According to researchers in England, the smell of alcohol makes it difficult for people to control their ,behavior suggesting smell is part of what makes it difficult for alcoholics to refrain from drinking.

A small study at Edge Hill University found the smell of alcohol affects peoples ability to control their ability to react to or understand information.

To find out if sense of smell plays a role, the researchers recruited 40 people who were given a face mask either laced with alcohol or a non-alcoholic citrus solution.

Overall, alcohol-related visual cues elicited lower false alarm rates, slower reaction times and higher accuracy rates, however false alarm rates were much higher for participants inhaling alcohol.

New Study Shows the Smell of Alcohol is Irresistable

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