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Trump, Cruz Threaten To Obstruct Kasich From Convention

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Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz can at last come to an agreement on something: Ohio Gov. John Kasich will certainly not be permitted to parlay a single primary victory – in his home state – into the Republican presidential nomination.

Advisers to both men talked to Politico on Wednesday and mentioned Kasich’s plan to grab the Republican nomination at a brokered convention is a mind trip. The governor has 142 delegates in comparison to Trump’s 661 and Cruz’s 406. Acquiring the 1,237 delegates necessary to outright win the nomination is a mathematical impossibility at this stage for Kasich.

“There is virtually zero chance he can even be nominated,” Saul Anuzis, a former Michigan Republican national committeeman who’s advising Cruz, explained to Politico. “It’s a two-man race.”

Trump’s team believed that convention rules currently need a candidate to win the majority of delegates in eight states or territories to be qualified for the nomination.

“The Cruz folks would by no means permit the rules to be changed and obviously we wouldn’t either,” stated Barry Bennett, who’s coordinating Trump’s convention strategy. “The laws of math are not amendable.”

Charlie Dent, a Pennsylvania Republican congressman and Kasich supporter, informed the website that a deadlocked convention between Trump and Cruz would set up an environment where rules would probably be changed.

“The rule of the party is to make sure to advance the best candidate for the general election. I think all the delegates are going to have to sit down and think this through very carefully,” Dent stated, Politico documented.

Tom Rath, a Kasich adviser from New Hampshire, included, “It’s a political convention, and sooner or later the realities of the moment politically, which we cannot foresee now, will overwhelm all the process in the world. You cannot make a judgment about what could happen until you know the political context within which that action is happening.”


Evidence that a brokered convention would produce fluid alliances comes from the Cruz campaign. The Texas senator did not totally rule out the possibility of working with Kasich to defeat Trump on Wednesday when questioned by reporters, NBC News noted. He added there would “absolutely be a place” for Kasich in a Cruz administration.

Kasich’s victory in Ohio on Tuesday night will at this point test a theory by radio host Rush Limbaugh that members of the Republican establishment will find a way to nominate their preferred candidate.

“If not Jeb [Bush], they’ll go [Mitt] Romney,” Limbaugh explained to his listeners on Tuesday, WND noted. “The GOP is throwing every egg in its basket in Ohio today. They’re saying that the future of the party is in Ohio today. The future of the GOP hangs in Ohio. What that means is Kasich’s gotta win Ohio. If Kasich wins Ohio, the establishment is still alive, and that way they can engineer a contested convention where they run, that they can then install whoever they want.”

One of Limbaugh’s listeners from North Carolina claimed there would be “hell to pay” if elites within the Republican Party unfairly refused Trump the nomination.

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