“The Life of Adam”… The New Sandy Hook Documentary / Must Watch Before It’s Removed!


Here it is!!! The long anticipated Sandy Hook documentary “The Life of Adam”. Brought to you by Independent Media Solidarity (IMS), the same team who did “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” which came out last December and got millions of views.

These guys are TRUE patriots who poured themselves into this undertaking, working on it all year. They are also some of the most meticulous, intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate individuals you’ll ever come across.

The reason why events like Sandy Hook are so incredibly critical to keep at the forefront is because it is a gigantic Achilles heal – that if exposed effectively, could topple the entire gun control agenda.

The corruption involved in this ONE event is a powder keg that could begin a chain reaction of American outrage. The “Powers That Be” understand this and have spent MILLIONS of dollars on internet & social media operations to make sure the masses stay clueless and distracted from it.

Their army of trolls work around the clock to attack anyone engaged in the “Sandy Hook truth movement”. Conditioning reflexive vilification and instant dismissal of anyone who questions the official narrative.

THIS is why its so critical we keep “talking about Sandy Hook” Because I believe the nature of this crime is different than all the rest, in that the public was so emotionally engaged in and horrified by it…

I personally think that public exposure of Sandy Hook has the possibilities to change EVERYTHING… to awaken the sleeping masses before our puppets in office execute their final death blows to the Republic.

Can you consider if the sheeple found out the govt had lied to them about 20 dead six year olds??? If they found out how our trusted leaders had intentionally TRAUMATIZED the nation with this counterfeit story??? Not only that, but had been organizing it for at least a couple of years?

I think this false flag is distinctively cruel and displays the depth of depravity and the lengths to which they’re willing to go to put into action their agenda and condition the people.

The day the public realizes that Sandy Hook was a complete fraud is the day they may possibly start to realize just how badly we’ve been infiltrated. The enemy is within the gates.

“The Life Of Adam” is a Christmas present to America from citizens who still care about it and who are still fighting for its survival. Let us do our small part in sharing it far and wide.

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