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Shocking Interview With Illuminati Insider! You Won’t BELIEVE How Low They Will Sink!

Written by Will Walker


As the tangled web of the so called ‘cabal’ is being unraveled, disturbing information is coming to light about the depth and extent of their activities nationwide. Many agents are now coming forward and revealing the nature of their involvement at various levels of the organization. A Fusionlacedillusion.com investigator has been interviewing a former agent, who we will call ‘John,’ about an extortion scheme he had been a part of. What follows is excerpts from that interview:

FLI: So you claim you’re a former Cabal agent?

John: Illuminati. And not a former agent per se. I’m just not involved with the group I had been working with.

FLI: Why not? Are you with another group now?

John: You could say that. The group I was with was involved in dangerous activities. I saw some friends of mine run in to trouble and I got away from them.

FLI: Isn’t it dangerous to turn on them?

John: It can be, but you have to know who’s toes not to step on. There are people way higher on the food chain with a lot to lose. It’s best to fly below the radar.

FLI: OK, so what activities were you engaged in?

John: I was part of a team that focused solely on Craigslist. It was run by someone named K that none of us ever met. It was all arranged by email. Most of us never met each other either.

FLI: So you don’t know who K was? How did you get involved with this group?

John: By getting hit by them. I was lonely one night and put an ad out for an encounter. I got a few different responses, but being who I am in the organization, it was easy for me to see what was happening. I called one of them out and they invited me to work with them. They needed more people who were willing to collect.


FLI: Collect?

John: Get money directly from the target. It takes a strong male to do that the way this group was doing it. From what I could tell, most of them were women with an ax to grind. I found it was best not to know what motivated them. Also, there are a lot of people doing this, so you have to know the code words so other operators don’t try to target you.

FLI: Ok- so walk me through this. How would you find these targets?

John: Some were given to me by other agents, but I would also get them on my own- they showed me how to do it. You would be amazed how easy it is to catch a fish on there, but getting money from them is a different story. Craigslist is a cesspool of lowlifes and desperate degenerates. I good rule of thumb is to focus on marks with at least somewhat decent grammar. Responding to ads is one way, but you can also run in to other agents that way, and law enforcement. It’s better to stick with the m4m section if you do that. You’d be surprised how many of those guys have a wife and family that they don’t want knowing they putt from the rough. Posting ads is alot easier. You just put a post up claiming to be a woman wanting some ‘NSA’

FLI: National Security Agency?

John: (Laughter) No, No Strings Attached. That means casual sex. There’s other code words to use, like just wanna have fun, or Netflix

FLI: Netflix? I thought that’s where you go to watch movies online

John: It is, but if someone tells you these days that they want you to come over and watch Netflix, trust me, you won’t be watching the movie. Anyway, just one of these ads could get 20 or 30 responses in a matter of minutes. So you put in the ad that you want a picture and a description, and NO DICK PICS, but a lot of them send pics of Mr. Happy anyway. I had various email accounts set up with random women’s names and a slew of pictures to use.


FLI: Where did you get those?

John: Some from other agents and some from women I chatted with. You can put an ad out in any college town anywhere and offer cash for ‘models.’ It helps to have a series of pics of the same woman- doing everything from washing a car to operating a dildo. So I’d use these pics and seductive conversation to extract information from them. If they seemed like a deadbeat, I’d redirect them to another agent that specialized in getting them to sign up for porn sites and dating websites. I focused on the real winners- guys with money and a reputation. I’d get them to reveal personal info and get them to talk about other encounters they had, and get nude photos of them.

FLI: How did you do that?


John: Just by telling them how much it turned me on to hear about it. That’s what the female agents taught me. Guys will say anything to turn a woman on. So I would gather all the information I could about the target and forward it to another agent that specialized in identifying the person and hacking them.

FLI: Hacking them?

John: That’s what they called it. I don’t know the details. P could find out all sorts of things- address, phone numbers, bank account info, employment history, credit reports. Once a target was marked for extortion, P would kick back all I needed to know to collect. I’d buy a tracphone and start calling the guy to harass him. I would usually claim to be the husband of the woman he had been talking to. I had all the info I needed to manipulate the guy- pictures, wife and kids’ names, boss’s name- everything. Plus I had all the emails so I would know his psychology. Spiritual beliefs, turn ons and turn offs, fears and insecurities, you name it.


FLI: And this didn’t bother you at all to manipulate people?

John: Everybody manipulates everybody. All the time. I just happen to be very good at it. That is the first requirement of Illuminati membership. I am manipulating you right now.

FLI: What? No you’re not.

John: You are correct. I am not. You are manipulating me.

FLI: What? No- I’m not- I’m interviewing you. Look pal, you called me. What the hell are you up to?

John: I am revealing to you what I do. Now, once I get the target right where I want him, I arrange a drop off zone for the cash. If he’s smart, he gets the money together and drops it there. Then I go get it, take my cut, and leave the rest at my designated drop zone. Then it’s on to the next one. If he’s an idiot, everyone he knows gets pics of Mr. Happy.


FLI: Wow. That’s pretty impressive. And you do pretty well I take it? How do you keep a clear conscience ruining people’s lives like this?

John: It’s a living. I would say I have a clearer conscience than the scumbags I would extort, otherwise the scheme wouldn’t work. And think of all the marriages I save by doing this. Think of all the children that get to grow up with mommy and daddy still together because daddy didn’t run off with some Craigslist bimbo.

FLI: I see your point. That sounds very admirable.

John: How did you enjoy that affair you had last year?

FLI: What? How d… wait… you’re just screwing with me.

John: Am I? What was her name?

FLI: Shut up!

John: What was HIS name then?

FLI: Oh what the hell! What is this? You’re creeping me out.Are you trying to target me?

John: There’s a holly bush 2 blocks from your office behind a No Parking sign and an ATM nearby.

FLI: F**K YOU A**HOLE- I’m not giving you ANY money.

John: I know. You don’t have any. Check your bank account.


John: Just some guy revealing to you what we do. Don’t worry- all your money is still in both of your accounts. I told you- I don’t do the extortion scheme anymore. To many of us were getting caught.

FLI: What do you do now?

John: None of your damn business


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