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Why Is Soros Forcing Integration In Europe? There’s Something Going On There…

Written by Will Walker

“A full and fair discussion is integral to democracy” – George Soros




George Soros presents himself as a humanitarian and promoter of democracy, however those of us with eyes to see have no difficulty piercing through this illusion.

Wherever King George goes, he sows seeds of destruction while reaping vast wealth for himself. As such, he must be watched carefully to see where he is sowing his seeds now if he is to be stopped.

His real name is Schwartz György, which is Hungarian for Black Farmer.

Now it should be much easier to see him for what he really is.

Why the name change, Georgie? Isn’t that what Muslims like to do? Soros means “will soar” in Esperanto, which is, perhaps, the intended “living new language” that we are all expected to adopt as new world events unfold.

His long history of sowing seeds of destruction speaks for itself, but to truly understand the man behind the image, one needs to explore his roots.


Little George grew up in Hungary just as the Nazi regime was taking Germany by storm.

His parents were ‘non-practicing’ Jews, and his father knew exactly what was brewing at the time.

This innocent child was forced to witness first hand what happens when ethnic and national pride take a hold of people.

It is surely a pain he carries with him and affects every decision he makes. And so it follows, he will ALWAYS sow seeds of destruction wherever he perceives there to be pride in race or nationality as long as he lives.

He has been at this too long and has made too much money to see things any other way. King George is, quite definitely, the largest promoter of the New World Order which he pretends to fight.

He is on a mission.

He has given himself a purpose.

He has accumulated a ridiculous amount of wealth- more than he could ever need for himself- and is actively using that wealth to exert his will on the entire world.

On November 11, 2003, in an interview with The Washington Post, Soros said that removing President George W. Bush from office was the “central focus of my life” and “a matter of life and death.”

This is the same George Bush who’s own father actively promoted this “New World Order” which George Soros continues to promote and gain from personally. This one example alone demonstrates how just trust worthy he really is.


That is the past. We here at are concerned with the present and possible futures.

At present, Soros has turned his attention to effective management of forced integration in Europe.

In an essay he published at, his true intent is revealed in one simple statement: “helping to tip the economic, political, and social dynamics away from xenophobia and disaffection toward constructive outcomes that benefit refugees and countries alike.” So what exactly are these ‘constructive outcomes’ King George is referring to here?

Has anyone heard the cries of young German women being raped by said ‘refugees?’ Has anyone heard the cries of German men losing their jobs to them?

What is George Soros’s real intent here? That should be quite clear by now. He has a score to settle. He is punishing Germany for what the Nazis did to his childhood. We all know that two wrongs make a right, right?


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