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Planet X Update: Nibiru Over Russia Slooh Astronomer Admits We Have a Second Sun Paul Cox is Warning Us About Planet X

Written by JayWill7497


From the EyesOpen37 YouTube channel. Please SUB to him. “Slooh Astronomer Admits We Have a Second Sun!” and “I Believe Paul Cox is Warning Us About Planet X”.

This top-notch, highly educated actual (not amateur) astronomer comes right out and talks about our 2nd Sun that NASA is covering up, and he asks his audience if they think the planetary object to the right of our Sun is Nibiru or another planetary body in the Nibiru system (including perhaps the 2nd Sun ‘Nemesis’). ‘

SO ALL THE TROLLS CAN GO BUH BYE NOW, LOL. Or perhaps you like to call Paul Cox a fool or a liar to his face? Or maybe tell him that his state-of-the-art telescopic technology is fake? You naysaying, spiteful wee fiends are FINISHED. Just admit it and be on your smug, egomaniacal way. You’ve lost this one, boys. The Planet X/Nibiru and Nemesis system is HERE and all your condescending, simpering trolling cannot ever change this FACT.

Also, in the video below are some Russian fighter jets that show what looks to be our 2nd Sun 2x. Watch at 1:50 for a brief glimpse of it and then start at 4:10 for a longer lasting view.

Many Thanks to Medusafern for providing the source  material and please ASAP get out this info from Slooh astronomer Paul Cox himself. I’m not sure how long we’ll have before these videos are scrubbed from the Web, so please hurry, thanks! Much appreciated!

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