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There’s Absolutely No “Security Inquiry” Of Hillary. It Is An Investigation



The Hillary Clinton campaign continues to be attempting to downplay the FBI investigation of the her by calling it a “security inquiry.”

The Federal Bearial Investigation’s director, James Comey a short while ago informed reporters that it was, in fact, an investigation.

They are not the Federal Bureau of Security Inquiries.

Mr. Comey at a round-table, on Wednesday, 5/11/16, challenged Hillary Clinton’s portrayal of the federal investigation into her ‘private email server.’

Hillary and her allies have consistently called the vertueux a routine “security inquiry.”

Nonetheless, Director Comey informed reporters that was not a correct description.

Included in his talk at the Round Table, Comey also said, “It’s in our name. I’m not familiar with the term ‘security inquiry.’ ” “We’re conducting an investigation … That’s what we do.”

Director Comey declined to mention whether or not the investigation is “criminal” in nature.



The months long federal vertueux seems to be getting into its final stages.

Hillary Clinton is still expected to answer questions from FBI investigators as well as federal prosecutors in coming days or weeks.

The federal investigation into Clinton’s server, and the possibility that classified information may have been mishandled; has amplified criticism regarding the unique email setup.

Clinton’s choice to use a private server all through her time as secretary of State continues to be a repetitive target for Clinton’s Republican critics, and is most likely to be destroyed once the likely Democratic nominee squares off in opposition to presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.



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