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Hitlery Debates Bernie On Gun Control


This is certainly, without question, the single funniest video I have observed this year.

Heck, actually for the past 5 years!!!

This video arrives to us from Ted Nugent’s Facebook page.

Involving a gun control debate between Hitlery Clinton and Bernie Sanders.



Everyone is aware what a champion of the 2 Amendment means to Ted Nugent, and what brain-dead promoters of demolishing the 2 Amendment liberals are.

Continue to keep in mind, this is épigramme, folks.

It did not really happen.

It is actually a joke!

I have to point out that out simply because I will undoubtedly receive a number of weird mail.

informing me that the video is bogus, and expressing how much “Hitlery and Bernie love each other.”

You recognize what a spontaneity liberals have.

They will undoubtedly be creeping out of their holes to bash me for publishing fake stuff.

My reply? GFY!

Take pleasure in this year’s funniest video.

Without expressing a word, Bernie unquestionably kills Hitlery in this debate, and does indeed the country a great public service.


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