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Peace Talks Suspended In Yemen After Houthis Seize


Our correspondent in Yemen Mohammed al-Hattab says the substituted regime’s determination to unilaterally suspend the Direct Peace Talk to end the country’s civil war, did not come as a shock to several people.

As a matter of fact, as he reports, several Yemenis say the “move proves once again that Saudi Arabia is not willing to end its aggression and accept a lasting peace.”

The suspension occurred following a warring to sides on the verge of finalizing a deal to release some prisoners.

The Saudi-backed delegation ended a boycott.

The Yemeni delegation is consists of the Ansarullah movement and representatives of former president Ali Abdullah Salih
warring to sides on the brink of finalizing a deal to release some prisoners.

The Saudi-led attacked Yemen and killed in excess of 940 citizens as well as plunged the nation into a humanitarian crisis.

The Houthi assault killed numerous of the soldiers protecting the Umaliqa base.


In contrast to the majority of of Yemen’s soldiers, the ones at Umaliqa had declined to take sides in the war between the Iran-allied Houthis and the Saudi-backed government.

The local officials reported, that the Houthis had tolerated this neutrality right up until they unveiled a surprise push into the facility in Amran Province and seized its massive cache of weapons at dawn.

A participant of the government delegation during the Yemen peace talks in Kuwait spook to them saying, “We have suspended the sessions indefinitely to protest these military actions and continued violations of the truce.”

With all of this going on, I hope this nonsense will stop and all of our nations will have peace with each other.


Then again our nations will not balance if there is no yin and yang.

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