Clinton Tried To Push Fracking On Foreign Countries, New Emails Reveal!

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Clinton Tried To Push Fracking On Foreign Countries, New Emails Reveal!

Though Hillary Clinton is a vocal opponent of fracking in her 2016 presidential campaign, newly leaked emails reveal that she tried to export the practice to other countries during her time as secretary of state.

Emails uncovered by The Intercept on Monday show that during Clinton’s tenure at the head of the State Department, she and her close aides worked with private oil and gas companies to promote fracking abroad as a way to drill for oil and gas.

The documents show the State Department under Clinton pushing fracking to foreign dignitaries during a trip to a drilling site in Pennsylvania, and that it attempted to convince Poland to let US companies frack there in order to see if such operations “can be repeated in a different country.”

Fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing, is a technique used in the extraction of oil and natural gas where water and other chemicals are pumped into the ground to create cracks so that the resources will flow more freely. The practice is widely credited with being responsible for the US oil industry’s boom, but critics contend that the practice could have considerable environmental effects, including earthquakes and groundwater contamination.

The State Department’s push for fracking was part of the broader Global Shale Gas Initiative, a program intended to promote lower-carbon fuels such as natural gas in places where coal, a dirtier fuel, is common.

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