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Unsettling News And RNC Mocking Pelosi Defending Clinton In The Email Scandal And An Endorsement


So, Senator Bob Menendez, was accused with corruption.

Get this, he endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Presidential Primaries.

In regards to the pleasure of Republicans enthusiastic to question Clinton’s integrity in the general election.

As a reaction to the Menendez endorsement, Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Short stated Wednesday,”To say there is a pattern of corruption with the Clintons and their allies would be the world’s biggest understatement.”

Mr. Menendez is a N.J. democrat and foreign policy leader.

Who stepped down in April 2015.

He was the leading Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee right after the Justice Department indicted Menendez on corruption charges.

His recommendation comes as an additional key element.

Hillary Clinton’s ally, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, is being investigated by the FBI for prospective campaign finance charges.


Which was on the same day that the State Department inspector general verified that Clinton’s use of a private email server to execute all of her government business violated federal rules.

While this is going on, last Wednesday House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended Hillary Clinton’s utilization of a private email server despite a State Department watchdog revealed that she broke federal rules.

The California Democrat claimed the watchdog’s reference to Clinton predecessors using private email communications. Noting,”What Secretary Clinton did was consistent with what other secretaries of state have done, including Colin Powell.”

Pelosi states that Hitlery Clinton , “did act in good conscience” while she was Secretary of State.

Mrs. Pelosi centered her feedback on the report’s finding that Clinton wasn’t the only one to utilize private email for State Department business.

Although she didn’t comment on the watchdog’s finding that Clinton’s improper use was considerably more substantial than the individuals who held the job before her.

In addition Nancy Pelosi stated, “The report references longstanding systemic weaknesses that go well beyond the tenure of any secretary of state,” adding that Hitlary Clinton, “has released her emails, others have not.”

Nancy Pelosi is nuts!

Republican spokesman Michael Short is extremely correct.


While Mr. and Mrs. Clinton is in office regardless of what positions, the United States Government is doomed of corruption, and destroying the United states.

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