Does The Lead In Flint’s Water Cause Miscarriages?


Research recommends that small levels of lead exposure can harm a fetus’ growth in the womb.

For several months, the Michigan State Health Department continues to be searching into whether or not the Flint water crisis triggered difficulties with pregnancies.

During this interval scientists at Hurley Medical Center are investigating whether or not the lead in the water elevates the number of miscarriages.

Nonetheless , it seems that trying to monitor miscarriages is extremely challenging.

A complicated question to answer is how many miscarriages were there?

Whenever children get subjected to lead in Flint’s water, at the very least, there is a test for that.

It is a blood test.


The test is then observed and determined how much lead is in an expecting mother.

Hoping the level is not high.

Whenever children get subjected to lead in Flint’s water in Flint, informed me saying, “Because miscarriages are things that don’t necessarily get reported. Women don’t necessarily go to the doctor. They obviously don’t have to go to hospital, necessarily.” “And truthfully sometimes they may not even know they’ve had a miscarriage, right? If it’s very early on in the pregnancy…it may not even have been known.”

Due to the difficulty in measuring the water and lead levels, Ms. LaChance along with her squad know they are going to miss several miscarriages that will not ever be tracked.


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Source: NPR The environment report on Flint Michigan Recording

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