America’s Government Employed The Phantom ‘Russian Threat’ As A Noose Around Europe’s Neck



The increase in defense spending between North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Europe, encouraged by an mythical “Russian threat”, is a merging strategy for Eastern Europe.

Valery Korovin, the director of the Center for Geopolitical Study that the rise in the defense spending makes sense.

Not alone, the idea that Eastern Europe is part of the European Union, yet also to the entire idea of the European Union.


Sputnik News Reports:

“Europe has reached a conceptual and civilization dead end,” Korovin added. “It is ‘diluted’ and has no idea in which direction it should progress further.” The political analyst further suggested that Europe does not have any consolidating idea, what he called an “assemblage point”. Therefore, he added, Washington proposed Russophobia and fear over so-called “Russian aggression” as a “mobilizing idea for European society.”

The US is pursuing a certain goal to “tie up” Europe to itself.


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