Red Alert: There Is A Huge Smoke Trail Coming From Something On Pluto!

Written by JayWill7497

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Is it originating from aliens?

Certainly appears like aliens.

Nonetheless these bizarre, luminous nicotine patches above Pluto are in reality something else entirely.

Practically  is mysterious!

Gizmodo reports:

NASA’s New Horizons snapped this photo of sunlight streaming through Pluto’s haze haze during the spacecraft’s close approach on July 14, 2015. But, as researchers looked closer at the photo, a question emerged: Uh, what’s with that weird glowing patch in the upper right hand corner?

The luminous patch measures over ten miles across and lingers in Pluto’s lower atmosphere.

NASA’s researchers think it is most likely a cloud mirroring sunlight.

A cloud is continues to something very extraordinary when it is over Pluto.

This could well be the 1st cloud discovered in photographs from the New Horizons haul.

Versions have indicated that ailments on Pluto could be responsible for to the formation of methane clouds.

These picture appears to provide credence to that hypothesis.

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