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Coming directly to you from The Vigilant Christian youtube channel. In this video The Vigilant Christian seemingly exposes the illuminati nwo themes in the remake of Doom!

It’s pretty obvious there is demonic imaging in the video game that is a given! But there is also a lot of NWO & transhumanism in the story line.

But seriously, this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has been taken on. Games Exposed did a similar video titled  DOOM ILLUMINATI. you can watch it here. Here is also another you might want to enjoy as well.


Usually when folks think of other folks that have sold their soul to the devil for success, everyone is fast to generalize that into musicians and politicians.

This is not always the truth.

I know there are evil forces on this planet. I understand there are some things we just should not tamper with.

Everyone that has a good moral character, would fully grasp this.

Some of these symbols I am about to present you are symbols most folks would call satanic but also do not fully comprehend their function.

They influence our brain, and bring about the motives of evil and very negative factors.

Anytime I hear the term someone “sold their soul”, just so that they could be successful, I imagine that has to do with folks doing strange rituals, and aligning themselves with astrological bodies, star systems, and energies that all of us do not fully comprehend.

To do this is particularly risky, but that does not suggest folks are not willing to take that risk.

I have done a lot of study on this blog about video games, secret societies, and different magickal practices.

I have done some considerable research into the secret organizations that run this planet.

It is all very scary stuff, they have many tools to help keep us stupid, and numb to whats really happening in our politics behind the scenes, that rob us of our freedoms and liberties. Video games, like the music industry, is one of those tools.

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