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New Ways You Are Being Spied On and How To Prevent It

Written by JayWill7497
Surveillance camera

Surveillance camera

In this video Luke Rudkowski documents all the new ways the corporate globalist controllers are spying on you without your knowledge or consent.

We go over the ways you can partially safeguard yourself but ultimately there is no sure way to stay away from the controllers finding out everything about you.

We show you how this is a slippery slow, going out of control that will lead us to living in a dystopian future where there is no longer any freedom of speech.


George Orwell 1984 on steroids. What a waste of resources if true. What would you be wanting a microphone in a toaster for? How come PHONE HACKING is illegal but this isn’t. People should be more polite on line. There will be some people who will be prosecuted. But I was brought up saying sticks and stones will not break my bones. But that is an old saying. But the Judges who lock these people up for non violent offences would have been brought up saying the same thing. PRISONS are corporate now. Like Farms need animals, Prisons need people. That is what this is about. The NWO isn’t a joke. They mean business. Keep an eye on what the French are planning for the Euro 2016 this week. 90,000 extra trained security guards who will not mess about if there is trouble. …. Went all over the place there.

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