Alert! Red Code!: Anonymous’ Ghostly Message For United States Citizens


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As I was checking my news connections on the couch with a friend’s cat, Lacy next to me; I came across this very important news video from an Anonymous.

Whom I have been following.

It is a’ have to watch!

Anonymous affirms that “over 120 million citizens will be murdered by the military. Mailboxes will be marked. Labeled into 3 groups; the Dead group, the Re-Educated group, and the Compliance group. Crematorium coffins fit 5 bodies each. Martial law enacted to create One World Government. Russia and China assisting. ”

Through out a few decades I have witnessed several signs of the United States and other countries so called ‘elite’ form several alliances to “take over the world.”

As Pinky and the Brain would put it.

The majority of the so called humans in the White House, have power and control issues.

I have been doing research on President Obama, since his second term and it is true.

Hmm and to think I voted for him for his first term.

I have read and heard documented evidence that he wants to kill us Americans.

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And look at what all the other so called repersentives of the White house.

IE: Hitlery Clinton.

It is like the Antichrist and the Whour of Babalion are teaming up for what Anonymous talks about.

In addition to the New world Order.

Please take note of this?

Don’t brush this off like it is some kind of BS.

It is my belief that he speaks the honest truth.

Wake up and unite, fight the New World Order.

Unless you want to end up as slaves and / or dead.

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