Anonymous Speaks To Hillary Clinton



Once again, the group Anonymous sent a message to several government agencies websites around the world.

Such as, the Church of Scientology, child pornography internet sites, and several large corporations.

At this moment, they have an innovative target: Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

This week, the clever group published a video pointing out countless of Hillary Clinton’s lies.

The online video proclaims that she isn’t any different than any other politician.

That we have had previously, and she will just deliver negative change to the nation.

Speaking directly to Clinton, Anonymous declares, “It appears that lying has become second nature to you,” as well as, “You are backed by the same dark suits that have supported every other past president.”

He reminds Hillary of the 30,000 emails she purposely  deleted.

The countless times that she lied under oath.

It goes on, pointing out basically all Mrs. Clinton’s disastrous doings.

In addition to all of this, he mentions a plan to “expose everything.”

From what I have gathered, they dug up a number of juicy yet filthy truths about Hillary Clinton.

Come on, we all know Clinton is over her head in scandals.

However the White House Department of Justice forbids to consider any action towards her.

Why are they afraid of her?

If Anonymous follows through with their threats, it may well confirm to be an extremely intriguing campaign season.

I believe it’s time Mrs. Clinton be held accountable for her crimes against the Untied States and humanity.

From destroying evidence to leaving Americans to die in Benghazi, her time is running out.


She’s even stated multiple times, that she wants to make it a law to where criminals can not run or be presidant of US.

Well figure that.

Hillary Clinton is not the exception.

Do you agree with the Anonymous?

Feel free to leave a comment. We would like to know what you think.

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