Barack Obama Warns Americans

Written by JayWill7497


During President Obama’s speech on 5/31/16 at FEMA he mentioned to all of the United States Citizens that we have to be ready for a disaster.

Implying and basically stating that we are not ready.

Getting the idea in everyone’s minds that ‘a specific thing’ is approaching.

Is this a form of gently warning us ?

In this video below you will hear Evangelist Anita Fuenes’s thoughts on this matter.

After all, the republican party tells us, a president shouldn’t be demanding like Trump or act like Donald Trump does.

Heck, remember how finger trigger happy George W. Bush was on threatening to push the nuclear button?

The government loved him.

Trump is honest, and straight forwards.

Obama has a record five football fields long of lies and back stabbing.

For one, from reports all around the globe and America, we know an economic event is expected, that Obama wants to start wars, and wants to create a New World Order due to his control issues ans idiosyncrasies.

What about him ordering his people to kill innocent whistle blowers on his secrets?

Not forgetting, this year is predicted to have a record undesirable year for hurricanes.


Everybody should really  be wise and geared up for whatever comes our way.

Even if it is Barack Obama attempts to destroy the United states.

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