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Scientists Think They Can Save The Galapagos With GMO Rats. What Could Go Wrong?

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Island Conservation, a nonprofit that rids islands of invasive species, has come up with a daring plan for The Galapagos Islands. Their plan is to genetically engineer the rodents so that they all turn into males.

This way the rodent would eventually die out if the population was mostly male. The make-all-rodents male idea is one of seven case studies for the use of “gene drives” which can be dangerous.

Once a manmade DNA sequence gets into a wild population, it’s hard to get back out again.

With so many boats going back and forth the Galapagos has had a rat problem and they are not native to the land.

If conservationists can get permission to release mice carrying them then islands like the Galapagos stand to benefit.…

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