The World’s Most Elite Conference This Year Will Discuss Something Called “The Precariat”?

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For when Chinese State Hackers isn’t exclusive enough, there is Bilderberg. The Bilderberg Meeting is an annual gathering of world leaders, executives, and assorted grandees, started in 1954 and named for the Dutch hotel where the secretive group first gathered.

In the midst of heavy security, around 130 individuals – which includes 3 prime ministers and 30 CEOs-will hold discussions on the world’s most pressing problems this week.

The four-day retreat begins on Thursday (June 9) at an undisclosed location in Dresden, Germany.

This year’s agenda consists of predictable topics like “China,” “migration,” and “cyber security.” But one talking point is specifically intriguing, addressing the “precariat and middle class.”

The what? The “precariat” is a expression popularized by British economist Guy Standing, describing a growing class of individuals who feel insecure in their jobs, communities, and life in general. They are…

…the perpetual part-timers, the minimum-wagers, the temporary foreign workers, the grey-market domestics paid in cash… the techno-impoverished whose piecemeal work has no office and no end, the seniors who struggle with dwindling benefits, the indigenous people who are kept outside, the single mothers without support, the cash labourers who have no savings, the generation for whom a pension and a retirement is neither available nor desired.

This marginalized group-“alienated, anomic, anxious, and angry,” as outlined by Standing-is fueling the increase of populist politicians like Donald Trump in the U.S. and comparable rabble rousers in Europe and beyond.

(Talking about this group alongside the middle class, which certainly is not doing great either, is telling.) The resulting chaos in politics, markets, and economics is a element in nearly all of the Bilderberg meeting’s other agenda items.

So what will the bigwigs do about it? Conspiracy theorists might believe that Bilderberg members are in league with the Illuminati, Freemasons, and Lizard People, hatching the New World Order from their secret hideouts. More probable is that the politicians and power brokers meeting in Germany this week are as taken aback by the travails of the increasingly marginalized masses as anybody else.

But what the Bilderbergers really believe will stay a mystery. Based on the group’s code, “There is no desired outcome, no minutes are taken and no report is written. Furthermore, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued.”

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