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WWIII On An Uprise/ Two Presidents Pushing Each Other’s Buttons


Washington’s final decision to “beef up” NATO in Eastern Europe will certainly persuade Moscow to retaliate with an equally hostile reaction.

In February, while the Syrian Civil War erupt and the Islamic State established itself in Libya; the White House launched  strategies to quadruple the 2017 defense budget’s allocation for Europe, of all places, from $789,000,000.00 to $3.4 billion.

On 3/30/16 the United States Defense Department disposed these plans to the public. The plans consist of dispatching troops and materiel, like combat vehicles and heavy weaponry, to Romania, Hungary. As well as, the Baltic states to ensure that a NATO combat brigade will be ready for anything.

The soldiers are going to be revolving in and out of the region, evidently averting any infringement of the letter, if not the spirit, of the 1997 NATO Russia Founding Act. In which desired to weaken Russian fears coming from the alliance’s development into old Warsaw Pact countries.

This ended up being a fragile time for this kind of an declaration:

The 2015 Minsk contract, that could negotiate the rebel combat in Ukraine’s Donbass region; has converted into a bargain. In which, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko can’t surpass. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government, struck hard by economic sanctions, were found to be suggesting a motivation to “reset” its interaction with the West. Only if on its own, far more fair, terms, and had utilized its involvement in Syria to reestablish its crippled position as an important strength on the world stage.

Omnifeed noted:

Back in Washington, a senior White House official explained that the defense spending and deployments were not motivated by “something that happened last Tuesday.” They were, instead, part of “a longer-term response to a changed security environment in Europe,” reflecting a “new situation, where Russia has become a more difficult actor.” It also aligns with the Pentagon’s designation of Russia as the top threat to U.S. security.

In response to the NATO deployments, Russia announced that it would take “all necessary measures to defend [its] security.” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg then accused Moscow of brandishing its nuclear arsenal to bully its neighbors and destabilize “the European security order.” Speaking at a recent security conference in Munich, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev followed up by asking NATO to cooperate with Russia, rather than enter a “new Cold War,” adding that nearly “every day they call Russia the main threat for NATO, Europe, the U.S. and other countries. It makes me wonder if we are in 2016 or in 1962.

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This actually isn’t a ludicrous proposal. It is time to take into account implementing a diverse viewpoint on the recent risky scenario that Russia and NATO find themselves in.

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