An “Exterminator” Asteroid Will Destroy Earth


The NASA Near Earth Object Program monitors asteroids that move close up to the Earth on a daily basis.

However the United States Apace Agency just can not observe asteroids approaching.

Astrophysicist Jose Ramon Valdes told the Express:

“There are many, but few reach the ground, however we must be prepared for a big one, because they are fatal and would finish a city.”


During the end of May 2016, an asteroid appeared extremely close to impacting the Earth.

The fireball it produced as it skipped all the way through Earth’s atmosphere appeared to be over 5 United states as well as Mexico.

The astronomy’s shock waves palpitated local properties.

Conspiracy theorists proceeded to go insane in excess of the event, considering aliens had last but not least chose to expose their presence.

This forced NASA to give a press conference detailing the earthly nature of the event

In April, NASA identified 72 new asteroids drawing near Earth as a component of its NEO program developed to monitor essentially killer space rocks.

They believe there is approximately 10,000 gigantic rocks hovering in space that will potentially, at some point, slam into the Earth.

Nonetheless, the space agency confesses it can just track approximently 10% of the asteroids.

Presently, the Earth doesn’t havea planetary defense system, yet there are numerous countries operating on systems to shelter
our planet from a doomsday event in conjunction with the United States and Russia.

Russia has a plan to shoot Cold War-era ballistic missiles at virtually any asteroid close enough to endanger the planet.

It is the nation’s most influenced by plummeting space rocks; virtually every fifty years Russian cities are destroyed by asteroids.

The last one arrived in 2013, when a sixty foot wide rock fell out of the Chelyabinsk sky and seriously injured more than one thousand men and women, triggering 1000’s of dollars in damage.

The United States along with Russia is also making an investment in planetary defense technology.

In which, the plan involves landing robots on more compact asteroids and haphazardly piloting them straight into the more substantial “killer asteroid” to preserve mankind from annihilation.

Neither of the two country’s technology is prepared for deployment, however that is OK, says NASA.

The Earth would not encounter a genuine threat coming from plummeting space rocks for a number of years in the future.

These sort of fears could be what is generating SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s plan.

His plan is to transmit a manned expedition to Mars by 2028.

Tony Stark a billionaire, who in addition established Tesla, states that a human’s duty is to establish “off world colonies” as a means of ensuring the preservation of mankind.

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While also stating, “Either we spread earth to other planets, or we risk going extinct. An extinction event is inevitable and we’re increasingly doing ourselves in.”

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