Why Are So Many Children Mysteriously Disappearing? Is There Something Happening That We’re Not Being Told?

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Child abduction or child theft is the unauthorized removal of a minor (a child under the age of legal adulthood) from the custody of the child’s natural parents or legally appointed guardians.

Based on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, in the United States an estimated 800,000 children are reported missing every year.

The words child abduction merges two legal and social categories which change by their perpetrating contexts: abduction by members of the child’s relatives or abduction by unknown people, visitors:

Parental child abduction: a family relative’s (usually parent’s) unauthorized custody of a child without parental agreement and contrary to family law ruling, which largely removes the child from care, access and contact of the other parent and family side.

Happening around parental separation or divorce, such parental or familial child abduction might include parental alienation, a form of child abuse striving to disconnect a child from targeted parent and denigrated side of family.

Abduction or kidnapping by unknown people (from outside the family, natural or legal guardians) who steal a child for criminal purposes which might include:

  1. extortion, to elicit a ransom from the guardians for the child’s return

2. illegal adoption, a unknown person steals a child with the intent to rear the child as their own or to sell to a prospective adoptive parent

3.human trafficking, a unknown person steals a child with the intent to exploit the child themselves or by trade in a list of possible abuses which includes slavery, forced labor, sexual abuse, or              even illegal organ trading

4. murder


More recently, a young boy and his family was on the beach of Seven Seas Lagoon – an upscale Disney resort – when the boy was snatched by an alligator. The boy was allegedly wading in ankle-deep water when an alligator dragged him underwater. The father tried to fight the alligator to free him. After 15 hours of searching, with no sign of the boy, Sheriff Jerry Demings said the child could not be survivable at this point. Demings said the search will still continue. He wants to bring closure to the family.…


I want you to pay close attention to the words allegedly, 15 hours of searching, father tried to fight and no sign of the boy.

ABC News reports:


Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said today there’s “no question” the missing 2-year-old Nebraska boy who was dragged by an alligator into a lake Tuesday evening at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Bay Lake, Florida, is dead.

Again, I want you to pay close attention to the words a lake, is dead and 15 hours of searching.

Above you will observe a aerial  view of the location of the “alleged” snatching occurred. It should be apparent by now to anyone with an ounce of sense that this lake is not that big, in fact it is actually a lagoon!

As of 2:00 pm EST. They still have not located a body.

Is there something more sinister happening than what the official reports are telling us?

Each and every year, hundreds of folks are claimed missing in national parks and forests. So it seems now that this should also include Vacation Resorts. Most are eventually found, but there’s a smaller category of cases that are never solved, including a more recent incident closer to home.

Most of those who have disappeared are young children ages 20 months to 12 years and the elderly ages 74 to 85. Not one individual carrying a firearm, and only one carrying a transponder device, has disappeared. Generally, a search is started and run for about 10 days then ditched.

50% of the small children who go missing are found deceased, and the ones who are discovered are located miles away from where they disappeared, in areas relatively impossible for them to get to on their own.

Yosemite National Park, with 40 to 45 cases, has the greatest group of vanishings and strangely, in most locations where the disappearances have happened, huckleberries are almost always in large quantity.

In all instances, the parents state that the child was right behind them when they vanished.

The bulk of young children who have vanished had dogs with them. In some cases, the dogs came back, but the children never did. Children discovered alive will not communicate about their experience or state they don’t remember what occurred to them. They’re discovered usually running a low grade fever and seem traumatized. In all cases, the parents state that the child was right behind them when they vanished. Generally, the children are wearing bright, colorful clothing when they vanish, and even if they are discovered miles away without the shoes they were wearing, their feet are not scratched or bruised.

Many of the places that folks have vanished from carry such names as Devil’s Gulch, Devil’s Lookout, Twin Devil Lake, Disney and Devil’s Punch Bowl., possibly named to reflect the evil folks have sensed in these places as time passes.

95% of the cases, bad weather oddly follows a disappearance, washing out footprints and other clues and rendering it impossible to carry on a search until the weather improves.

98% to 99% of the cases, tracking dogs are unable to find a scent or basically refuse to track.

Almost 98% of the disappearances happen in the afternoon. Searchers have been known to cover a location over 100 times, only to eventually discover the person, alive or dead in the same location they searched before.

Above I mentioned some factors that could come into play when it comes to a missing child. Obviously the last choice is questionable but I assure you that if you are gonna conduct an investigation all factors have to be considered and coincidentally there was this report:

Orlando, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 15. June 2016
Reported on Wednesday 15. June 2016
Shape: Other | Duration: 00:10:00
Source: UFO Hunter

Two massive objects which were about 3 levels in height stayed entirely stationary for about 10 minutes hovering over Universal Studios/Lockheed Martin location in Southwest Orlando. The first one turned out lights on several levels before going undetectable and then the second one did the same. They did not fly off anywhere.

I personally don’t know what happened to this child but the sources of information tells me there is more to this than meets the eye especially when you have details that state ‘The father tried to fight the alligator to free him.” Who in their right mind, especially a grown man, would allow this to occur and oh yeah coming directly from  Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings “There are signs that say, ‘No swimming in the water.’ The other question was, what size is the alligator? It’s been described as can be anywhere from four feet to six or seven feet. It’s not precisely known what size the alligator is at this time,” WTF?????? What Happened To This Child??????
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