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Pulse Shooting HOAX – Crisis Actor Revealed PATIENCE CARTER Is FOX NEWS INTERN!

Written by JayWill7497


Based on mainstream media headlines 50 folks were killed in Florida Pulse gay nightclub, shooter Omar Mateen purportedly pledged ISIS allegiance.

On the other side of this darkness is where the light of Yah shines bright on how the evil media deceiving the masses for United Nations Agenda 21 gun control with hoaxes or inside job mass shootings.

Take a listen to an eyewitness named “Janiel Gonzales” who phone call was cut short by ABC News as he went into key facts about an unidentified man holding the emergency exit door to stop shooting victims from escaping harms way!

Captured All On DVR They Tried To Hide The Truth!

New World Agenda reports:


Orlando survivor: Gunman tried to spare black people…
Patience Carter Fox 29 Practice…

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