Want to Get Engaged With the NSA and the FBI? This Website Will Assist You

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A new website guarantees to ruin your search history in such a way that is sure to get you on the blacklist of every single intelligence agency in the Western hemisphere.


Privacy organizations and numerous technology professionals have been alerting us for years about the destructive influence of the internet on our privacy. Insignificant things like search results are highly likely to be utilized against us, they consistently notify us. But who believes them?

Nicely, a new website that has spread broadly, thanks to r/InternetIsBeautiful surfers on Reddit, promises to ruin your search history in a way that is sure to put you on the blacklist of the next date that picks through your browser’s history (and it’s just as well. Who needs a date like that?) It also guarantees issues with Google, the NSA, the FBI, the Illuminati and possibly some agencies fighting aliens.

The site,, will not do anything if you just enter it, but if you push on the search button, it will start to search for you a long list of search strings – each one more embarrassing or scary than its predecessor.

Among other things you can discover “homemade lubricant,” a sex store in my city, “hypothetical ways to kill someone,” “breaking in to Ashley Madison,” “registration form for ISIS,” “cheap flights from Syria to here” and other fine search strings.

Put simply, if you truly desire to join in the experiment, at least attempt to do this on the Tor browser. Nevertheless, it would be far better if you just suffice with the subsequent video:

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