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EU Referendum: With 4 Days Till The UK Votes, Brussels Prepares For The Unimaginable Outcome Of Brexit

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No Country Has Ever Withdrawn From The EU Ever, And The UK’s Leaving Would Be A Disastrous Blow To A Currently Stuttering European Venture

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If Britain votes to leave the European Union, it could possibly be cast out of Europe in one particular extreme textual way.

The Brexit may possibly cost the United Kingdom its position in Mini-Europe.

A Brussels Theme Park, where European landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Acropolis and Mount Vesuvius, are refurbished in meticulous miniatures.

If Britain votes to depart the British models which includes the Houses of Parliament, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and a 1970’s.

Thierry Meeùs, Mini Europe’s owner and director said, “[Britain] could not stay in the park and that would be a real problem.”

The Brits will certanaly be missed, not simply due to the fact that Meeùs has recently spent €120,000 (£95,000) remodeling Big Ben and its clock tower, finished with gold leaf. “It would be a real hole in the European history that I would like to show here.

Mr. Meeus added,“It would be a real hole in the European history that I would like to show here.”

With in Mini Europe there is absolutely no half-in/half-out, no place for European Free Trade Association members Norway or Switzerland; or for European Union hopefuls Albania and Kosovo.

Meeùs said that he turned down a demand from Turkey simply because it isn’t a member state.

He wishes the United  Kingdom will reside mainly because it helps make “a positive contribution” to the EU, “British people oblige many European countries to ask the right questions. Why are we doing this?”

Some tourists at the park were significantly less diplomatic.

The referendum “is stupid”, said Gregor, a 31 yr old project manager from Antwerp. “I think Brexit would be a bad thing because it gives a signal to other countries that the EU cannot handle a difficult period.”

The British debate about the European Union activates brainteaser.

An 18 yr. old Danish student visiting Brussels on a school trip told reporters, “I don’t understand why they are doing it.” “We are kind of a family and we should stick together and support each other. We might not have as much power as America and Russia.”

These designs, a combination of bewilderment and geopolitical anxiety, that resonates amongst government officials.
One Belgian official, of the British political scene, said it absolutely was challenging to comprehend how it had attained the point where the United Kingdom might leave. The only winner could well be Russia’s president: “If there were a Brexit it would play into the hands of Vladimi Putin.”

The Telegraph Q And A notes:

“David Cameron says that anyone coming from the EU who subsequently becomes unable to support themselves would be asked to leave. Is this realistically enforceable?”

Tim: I very much doubt it. The PM’s plan is for self-deportation – restrict benefits and make life so tough that they have to leave. I find that a little cruel.

“If we leave the EU, will we still have to pay millions each week for two years or does everything stop once the vote is in? Will there still be free movement of people (immigrants) for two years?”

Tim says: Our membership won’t cease immediately. We would have to negotiate an exit and, presumably, continue to pay in for that period. There would also be free movement for as long as we remain in. And no one will be deported.
“What is the future for David Cameron if we vote to Leave?”
Jeremy: He’s finished if we vote for Leave. He may stagger on for a little while longer, but his authority will have been shattered and it is hard to see why personally he would want to carry on just to jump to the tune of people he has castigated and accused of lying during the campaign. This has been a bitter and divisive battle. I can’t see how Humpty can be put back together again after this.

Tim: David Cameron will have to go if the country votes Brexit. He staked his reputation on it. George Osborne would probably follow.
“Overall, has being a member of the European Union damaged the United Kingdom?”
Solicitor Leslie Hilton from Woking, Surrey
Jeremy says: It has benefited the UK. Let’s take 1998, the introduction of the euro in synthetic form, as our base line. Since then, the UK economy has grown 38pc in real terms, faster than any other major rich European economy bar Sweden, and much faster than either France or Germany. In per capita terms too, we have grown faster than any other bar Germany and Sweden, with similar levels of growth, at 1.3pc on average per annum. Neither the US nor Canada have grown any faster than this, so it is hard to argue that the EU has held us back.

Tim says: I’m reluctant to say “damaged” because it’s a) hard to quantify and b) feels a bit hyperbolic. But it has weakened our democratic institutions, slowed down our ability to write trade treaties, cost us a lot of money and tied us to a political entity that is motored by our national interests.
“Should the UK decide to leave the EU, how will this affect the British national living elsewhere and owning property in other parts of Europe?”
Samantha Howells in Shetland
Jeremy says: It’s unclear. Theoretically, all existing residents rights are protected by prior treaties, but individual European countries such as Spain may find ways of discriminating against British residents in areas such as access to Spanish healthcare.


Here is a view from Berlin:

Perceptions have generally altered in recent months. From mild irritation along with the British “cherry-picking” a customized menu from the European Union treaties, to legitimate be stunned that the UK may choose to leave the European Union.

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Off the record, several parliamentarians advocates are adamantly stance in any post Brexit negotiations.

During a recent trip to Westminster, a Senior Social Democrat handed British M.P.s a Brexit designed short story set in 2030 that will imply the UK could possibly have to sign up to the euro.

Only if it ever asked to rejoin the European Nations.

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