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4th Of July Surprise: Suitcase Nuke Threat Against U.S.! Washington Now Truly Concerned!

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Could the next horrific attack on the nation squeeze into a travel suitcase?

The prospect that Isis terrorists have gotten their hands on small, easily transportable “suitcase nuke” has quite a few folks in Washington currently troubled.

A small group of professional hackers has released detailed information suggesting that a “suitcase nuke” is currently in route to the United States.


The Hackers, under the condition that their identities remain anonymous, stated that ” while monitoring communications a signal was accidentally intercepted that clearly suggested that a transportable device was being “shepherded”  by unknown persons thought to be part of the terrorist organization ISIS. The signal was picked up on high radio frequency electromagnetic waves (radio waves) between 3 and 30 MHz. It is also known as the decameter band or decameter wave as its wavelengths range from one to ten decameters (ten to one hundred metres). 

“All indications suggest that whatever it is that’s being ‘Shepherded” is “almost undetectable by MMPDS technology” and “en route” most certainly to the United States.” 2016-07-01 15-56-23

There is evidence such a device has been smuggled into the country before. And with that being said, professionals state it wouldn’t be extremely challenging for terrorists to detonate. And a congressman who has been researching the subject for years on the subject point out there is no doubt that such nuclear suitcases do exist.

“I can tell you unequivocally we built these devices similar to this and so did the Soviets during the Cold War,” stated Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa. “The defense minister of Russia told me to my face, ‘Yes, congressman, we built these devices. Just as your country built them during the Cold War.'”

The truth is, the Department of Defense made a training video in the l960s, demonstrating how “small atomic demolition munitions” can be crammed into parachutes and fastened to Navy commandos, who then demonstrate how the weapons can be attached to bridges and ships underwater.

“These devices were designed to be used to take out major infrastructure facilities,” stated Weldon. “We destroyed ours. Now the question is, do we know whether or not Russia has them all accounted for and do we know that they destroyed them all?”

Russia Defends Nuclear Inventory

Recently in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin shared with the media that none of the nuclear suitcases is missing.

“I don’t really believe this is true,” Putin stated. “These are just legends. One can probably assume that somebody tried to sell some nuclear secrets. But there is no documentary confirmation of those developments.”

But Weldon affirms he got a much different answer four years ago when he went to speak to one of Russia’s top generals.

The general, earlier known as Russia’s leading defense adviser, stated 86 of 132 suitcase bombs were unaccounted for.

Exactly where were the missing nukes?

“I have no idea,” Weldon recalled the general stating.

White House Views Chilling Threat

That is one of several nuclear scenarios currently causing great worry at the White House, where President Obama this week quietly sounded the alarm about ISIS’s suspected attempts to go nuclear.

“They’re in possession of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons,” Obama informed leaders of formerly communist states Thursday in Warsaw, Poland. “Given the means, our enemies would be a threat to every nation and eventually to civilization itself.”

Just yesterday, the White House called in the man who tracked missing nuclear weapons for the Bush administration, Graham Allison, these days director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Allison states the threat is very real, particularly given proof that ISIS and their associates have attempted to get nuclear weapons material.

Iraqi authorities are worried with the theft of “highly dangerous” radioactive material, Nazi News Media reports citing a leaked document. The material could be utilized by ISIS to develop a “dirty bomb,” troubled officials told the agency.
The theft required “a highly dangerous radioactive source of Ir-192 with highly radioactive activity belonging to SGS,” based on a document viewed by Fusion Laced Illusions. The document dated November 30 was addressed to the Center for Prevention of Radiation at Iraq’s environment ministry; the news agency states numerous officials have confirmed its content.

Fears Radioactive Material Stolen In Iraq Might Be Implemented For ‘Dirty Bomb’

The radioactive material was owned by Istanbul-based SGS Turkey and was being stored in a protective laptop-sized case in a depot belonging to US oilfield services company Weatherford in the Rafidhia location of Basra province.

An unnamed senior environment ministry official shared with the agency that the stolen material contained up to 10 grams of Iridium-192 (Ir-192) capsules. It was utilized for industrial gamma radiography, a procedure of testing flaws in materials utilizing gamma rays.

Reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s classification the stolen material belongs to Category 2 which implies that it can cause permanent harm to a person in case of close accessibility for minutes or hours, and even death in case of contact lasting hours or days. The damage is determined by the age and strength of the material. The nuclear watchdog presented support to Iraqi authorities, when it was informed about the theft, but none had been requested, the IAEA stated in a statement.

As for the nuclear suitcases, Allison’s recommendations is to suppose several dozen nuclear suitcases in Russia are missing.

“I think the difficult thing for us all to come to grips with, that, my God, would people really want to kill thousands or tens of thousands of Americans,” Allison stated.

Additionally, the hackers began to monitor other outlets of data which  insisted that the bomb’s destination is “one of numerous Nuclear Facilities”  located somewhere in the mid-western United States.”

“Should a dirty bomb that originated overseas be triggered at a US Nuclear Facility, it would represent a major security breech in the global supply system that will end up in US port closures, airports, Trains, ect…” “This, consequently, will place the intermodal transportation system at risk of widespread economic disruption generating tens of billions of dollars in losses, and potentially endangering lives as the shipments of critical time-sensitive goods such as medical supplies and defense-related materials are interrupted.”

The Nuclear Bazaar

However Allison and most other professionals point out the real concern is the suitcase and a thriving nuclear black market, in locations such as Istanbul, Turkey.

“There is a black market in weapons-grade uranium. There is a black market for weapons-grade plutonium. And there most certainly is a market for radioactive material in general,” stated Freidrich Steinhausler of the University of Salzburg in Austria. Steinhausler is one of the world’s pre-eminent experts on the illegal market in stolen nuclear materials.

“ISIS’s terrorist network ISIL has obtained radioactive and or nuclear weapons grade material,” stated Steinhausler. “In terms of probability of threat, I would put the nuclear bomb rather high. I would put the radioactive dirty bomb, much, much higher.”

A so-called dirty bomb, a conventional weapon laced with radioactive material, would make a scenario like the attack on the World Trade Center even worse, Steinhausler states.

“Picture the bucket brigades that we saw in Ground Zero in a radioactive-contaminated area. They couldn’t operate there,” he stated. “Picture the dust-caked office worker who survived the World Trade Center attack. He would not only be covered in dust from the detonation, he would have inhaled radioactive stuff. His body would be contaminated.

“The technology required is really high school level. You don’t have even to be an engineer to fabricate that. If you can make your conventional explosive, to lace it with radioactivity is really child’s play.”

Over-flights by special surveillance aircraft of the ISIS training camps in Afghanistan have picked up the presence of radioactive materials. But ISIS, when questioned whether they had obtained nuclear weapons, gave a troubling answer.

“To acquire weapons in defense of Muslims is a religious duty,” they stated.

And given that kind of communication, American authorities point out the many nuclear scenarios, including the nuclear suitcase, simply cannot be ruled out.

“Up until now we had a built-in safety barrier, where we said well if the radioactive material, it would kill or threaten the carrier, that’s a method that’s not going to be used,” Steinhausler stated. “But ever since Sept. 11 we know that’s no longer valid. We now know the carrier, the agent, the terrorist himself is ready to die. And if he dies crashing an aircraft into a building or if he’s ready to die carrying highly radioactive material, there’s not much difference.”

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