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Globalists Are Currently Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization!

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I believe the Brexit to be a partial trigger event for a future market disaster that has been engineered for many years.



I have mentioned it many times in the past – when elitist criminals begin openly confessing to their schemes it means that they are prepared to pull the plug on the current system. They simply do not care anymore who knows their plans because they believe that victory is inevitable.

At no other time have I observed international financiers and their puppet political mouthpieces so brazen about calling for global centralization than in the wake of the thriving Brexit referendum. It is as if the Brexit flipped a switch in the present narrative and set loose a flood of new propaganda, all aimed at persuading the general public that central banks must combine forces and act as one institution in order to combat an economic meltdown that isn’t even visible to laymen yet.

Though I predicted the activation of this propaganda campaign in my article “Derivatives Expert Alerts Globalists Ready to SHUT DOWN Complete Financial System!,” published before the referendum vote took place, the speed at which it is developing is absolutely astonishing.

Currently, under the present circumstances of the previous week’s market rally post-Brexit (driven by expectations of central bank intervention and extremely low trading volume) one would believe that the globalist calls for total centralization of financial policy management does not make much sense. Where is this “crisis” that the bankers keep warning about?

As I layed out in great detail in recent articles, I believe the Brexit to be a partial trigger event for a future market catastrophe that has been engineered for many years. In other words, a worldwide financial calamity has been intentionally staged in advance, and the Brexit is designed to act as a scapegoat for it.

There are a great deal of folks out there who believe that equities have escaped without consequence after the UK referendum because of the pre-4th of July rally. Nevertheless, I would recommend they not get too comfortable with the hollow low volume spike in stocks at this early stage.

These kinds of rallies should not be a surprise. They were typical during the derivatives and credit crash that struck in 2008 after Bear Sterns and Lehman. In the long run, stocks are an irrelevant faith driven indicator, and the fundamentals will always win in the end.

As Forbes notices in a surprisingly honest analysis – the “Lehman moment” of 2008 was not really a “moment” at all. The derivatives crash was driven by a number of frailties within the debt bubble structure; Lehman was just a higher profile element of a more chaotic blunder. When Lehman’s bankruptcy went public, equities took a considerable dive, somewhat similar in velocity to that which happened right after the Brexit referendum. But, only a week later stocks had rallied back near the exact high observed before Lehman had collapsed.

The psychology of market investors is to always first go with what they are acquainted with and what they have been conditioned to do, much like Pavlovian dogs. Investors currently, as then, were conditioned to “buy the dip no matter what”. Obviously, once reality and the fundamentals set in, stocks were back in free-fall only two weeks after.

The Brexit is not going away, and the negative consequences it heralds are still barely visible to the mainstream. This process is going to be actively weighing on the markets for months. We have not even started the party yet, and this is assuming there are no other catalyzing moments on the way.

Beyond the motion of the economy, the elites themselves are often a good litmus test for forecasting what is about to take place within the stock casino and outside the stock casino.

The truth that the Nazi news media is now awash in calls for extreme measures in central bank coordination and numerous elites warning of greater crisis should be of some worry to the public. Just as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) cautioned of a crash back in 2007 and early 2008 and were proven “correct,” they have also been warning of a crash in 2016. Post-Brexit, the chorus of “warnings” from the elites has erupted. They are rarely wrong about economic crisis exactly because they are the folks that generate the conditions for crisis in the first place.

George Soros constantly claim that the Brexit has “accelerated a financial-market crisis” even after the latest stock rally.

Bloomberg, in support of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, publicized a post titled “Draghi Wishes For A New World Order Populists Will Love To Hate.” Bloomberg later eliminated the word “New” from the title.

The post repeats a rising call by central bankers around the world to end concerning themselves with “domestic” policies and problems and begin coordinating globally to deal with “global problems.” The BIS already controls the policy making decisions of all other central banks as confessed in the infamous Harpers expose on the BIS titled “Ruling The World Of Money.” But this is never pointed out by Draghi or Bloomberg.

Curiously, the BIS is right now arguing not only for global policy coordination, but also global rules for all central banks. If the BIS presently controls the policy decisions of the Federal Reserve, the ECB, and every other central bank member, then why do they need “global rules” put in place for those same central banks?

They are doing this because the goal, the end game, is for the general masses to agree to and even request a global central bank, either in the form of the BIS or the IMF, or maybe both of them combined into a single entity. Just as before, the elites are utilizing the Hegelian problem-reaction-solution strategy to manipulate the public into seeking globalist control.

In yet another recent post Bloomberg calls for central banks to “kiss their domestic bias goodbye”; arguing that national economies are currently so “intertwined” that central banks all need to work off a single set of guidelines in support of the global economy instead of individual national economies.

On the day after the Brexit vote, China explained its desire for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to work closely with World Bank. For years I have been mentioning that the Chinese never had any intention for the AIIB to become a counter-system to the IMF or World Bank and that the Chinese were working with the globalists, not against them. Now we have open confirmation.

The Chinese premier also cautioned of a “butterfly effect” leading to crisis after the Brexit, and called for “enhanced coordination” among all the economies of the world.

European Union officials are going for broke as they recommend the formation of a European “super state” in the wake of the UK referendum. This system would basically erase political boundaries and sovereign borders to make the EU a single organization in every capacity up to and including a single European army.

The amplified calls for total centralization and a “New World Order” go on and on, and I think they are a clear signal that something very unpleasant is about to take place.

Think about this: Central banks will never gain public assistance for globally centralized policy or a global economic authority except if they are proven right and a crash does without a doubt take place. The crash does not automatically need to be “total”, as some liberty movement activists believe. It is more likely to be gradual and micromanaged, though still leading to a level of suffering in specific regions not seen since the Great Depression.

More bank coordination demands more chaos and examples of “conflicting policies,” which will most likely take the form of “currency wars” among particular nations. The elites must conjure a theater in which central banks work at cross purposes before they can then dispute to the public that a single global banking authority is necessary.

The concept of central banks “working globally” rather than domestically could only be sold to the masses if a fiscal catastrophe was induced on a global scale that outmatched the necessities of any single nation state. Each central banker effort suggested after the Brexit requires a financial implosion in order to be justified.

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