Dallas Shooting Hoax Is A Clear PSYOP Starting With Jesse Williams!

Written by JayWill7497

**Hype-media is full of sh@t **There was NO SHOOTING IN DALLAS**


EXPOSE of fakery–



FAKE STORY shame on ALL MEDIA presenting it as if real –they DO understand its fake

Top level INTEL ANALYST verifies for us this is ANTOHERRR NWO fake event for political agenda…and the MSM news media KNOWS ITS FAKE. All the news sources reporting it as if REAL are corrupt and IN ON the deception. DALLAS SNIPERS is a fake occurrence –ANOTHER evil hoax from the NWO…Staged to get news attention off Hillary’s ongoing scandal. And bring the conversation back to GUNS. Multiple source across the nation verify for us…these ALTON STERLING protests across the USA Thursday were organized DAYS AGO, before the so called – ALTON EVENT which itself also was….staged fake fake fake fake news..

Our Manhattan NYC correspondent interviewed many individuals during the NYC “protest” Thursday and 6 out of 10 verified..the protesters were PAID for and the protest pre-planned DAYS AGO—before the ALTON occurrence itself.

NOTE on next link, this spectacled Dallas joker was part of a psyop in DALLAS in June too. How is Greg Abbot allowing this madness to go on in his state? Utterly disgraceful.

Note in this video above he employs the word PARTNERS… Partners is an NWO code word propagandized to promote collectivist ‘one world government’ [subliminal metrics]. Other agencies are not the PARTNERS of DALLAS PD. They have nothing to do in any way, no connection with Dallas PD. They are simply…OTHER AGENCIES. Got it? PARTNERS is a mindscramble propaganda term. PARTNERS is a bitching CODE WORD OF PROPAGANDA. Its promoting the communist state ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IDEA. Various agencies are only PARTNERS if there is a CENTRAL GOVERNMENT RULING THEM ALL, controlling them all. Got it? Its subliminal brainwashing preparing you for ONE WOLD GOVERNMENT. Totalitarian globalist BIG BROTHERISM. Realize where this propaganda is coming from every time you hear the word PARTNERS. It is an Agenda 21 NWO propaganda word.

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