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Killary May End Up In Jail After All! – Courtesy Of Trey Gowdy!

Written by JayWill7497

State Department reopens Clinton emails probe: Internal investigation launched again as Republican senators call for Hillary and Huma to be banned from seeing secrets after FBI’s devastating verdict

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Trey Gowdy’s swap with FBI Director James Comey about his get out jail free pass to Hillary Clinton is one for the record books. In one swift descent, Gowdy made clear to you both Comey and Hillary. And it seems Gowdy has bigger judicial plans for Crooked Hillary.


Gowdy appeared to be setting Hillary Clinton up for perjury charges. Corrupt Hillary formerly testified about her emails to the House Benghazi Committee. Specifically Hillary stated under oath that she had not sent or received classified information on her personal email server.


Under cross examination from Trey Gowdy, Comey confessed that Hillary lied. Since she was under oath, this sets her up for being charged with perjury.


Observe Trey Gowdy brilliantly pepper Comey with these inquiries:

Boom! That is precisely why Trey Gowdy is such an essential member of the House of Representatives! He set the plate to indite Hillary with perjury.


Comey confessed to Gowdy that Hillary Clinton’s lawyers scrubbed her devices and server in a way that would stop recovery on some emails. He also stated that she lied and implemented multiple devices to send emails. And obviously she lied about sending classified information, but he has a reasoning behind that. Gowdy got Comey to confess that Hillary is too stupid to understand what classified means!


If she is that ignorant, how can she be running for President of the United States?! Prepare yourself for your mugshot, Hillary!
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