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“Mass Exodus” From Dallas PD; Why Haven’t The Perps Been Named? Are They Waiting To Notify Their Baby Mamas? Will The Female Perp Get Out Of Jail By Hook Or By Crook!

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Future looks ‘bleak’ for Dallas PD if something isn’t done to increase pay and retain officers


June was not a fantastic month for staffing at the Dallas Police Department. The Dallas Police Association states nearly 50 officers resigned over the shooting last night to take jobs in other North Texas cities.

Over the last month, Mike Mata of the Dallas Police Association states there have been 48 defections of Law enforcement officers from the city of Dallas, officers who were trained on the city of Dallas’s dime who have discovered better paying jobs elsewhere.

Mata states this kind of ‘mass exodus’ has not been observed in a long time. He thinks it’s due to a combination of police behavior, low pay and low morale that are behind it.

“I’ve been doing this for over 20-years, I’ve never seen it like this” stated Mata. “48 is a very high number for a month.”

While the Dallas Police Department stated it is aware of the resignations, nobody was available to comment.

I believe SOME of the problem is the chief and administration. I spoke to an officer from Dallas; he told me morale is very low.
In addition, other area metroplex agencies are paying substantially more.
Many times the officers don’t live in Dallas-they live in the same communities that offer more money and better benefits. More money, less of a commute, closer to home, better benefits…all reasons to leave.


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